Pentagon: Russian army lost half of its tanks

Berlusconi irritates with Ukraine statements


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Updated on 02/13/2023 Reading time: 47 Min.

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Day 355 since the beginning of the war: Bloody fighting in eastern Ukraine continues. Russia launches a new project in Donbass. All information in the news blog.

Wagner boss surprises with assessment of the war

1137 o’clock: Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin is considered an influential head in the Kremlin. But in an interview he now breaks with the line of the Putin squad.

You can see more about this in the video

Russian secret service: USA trains Islamists for attacks on Russia

1040 PM: The Russian foreign intelligence service SVR accuses the USA to charge Islamist militants for attacking targets in Russia and on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The SVR says it has information that 60 fighters from groups close to the so-called Islamic State and al-Qaeda have been recruited by the US military. You would be on a US base in imago images 0198429271 Syria Trained.

“You will be tasked with the preparation and execution of terrorist attacks against diplomats, public servants, law enforcement officers and members of the armed forces.” The SVR explains that particular attention is paid to the fact that immigrants from the Russian North Caucasus and Central Asia are recruited, without citing any evidence of this. The SVR, which was once part of the Soviet secret service KGB, is headed by Sergey Naryshkin, an ally of President Wladimir Putin, who himself used to run the Russian domestic secret service FSB.

London: Russia continues to build defenses in Ukraine

9:02 am: According to British estimates, Russia continues to strengthen its defense positions in occupied regions in Ukraine. The Defense Ministry said in London on Monday in his daily intelligence update.

Russian soldiers in the Zaporizhia region (symbolic image): According to British assessments, Russia is strengthening its defensive positions here. (Source: Konstantin Mihalchevskiy/imago images)

Ukrainian successes would have serious consequences for the Russian position, it was said. Should the Ukrainian troops break through the front in Zaporizhia, the Russian “land bridge” between Russia and the annexed Crimea would be threatened. A Ukrainian success in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, on the other hand, would jeopardize Russia’s war aim of “liberating” the Donbass. “Deciding which of these threats to prioritize is probably one of the key dilemmas for the planners of the Russian attack,” the ministry said.

USA calls on its citizens to leave Russia

8:29 am: The US calls on its citizens to leave Russia immediately. There is a risk of arbitrary arrest or harassment by Russian law enforcement agencies, the US Embassy said in Moscow with. “US citizens residing or traveling in Russia should depart immediately. Due to the risk of unlawful detention, heightened caution is required. Do not travel to Russia.”

The USA last asked its citizens to leave Russia in September. At that time, President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilization. Russian security services have arrested US citizens on false charges, harassed them, denied them fair and transparent treatment, and convicted them in secret trials or without providing credible evidence, the US Embassy said.

Google expands campaign against fake news about Ukraine refugees

8 o’clock: The Internet company Google wants misinformation about Ukrainian refugees in Germany fight. To this end, the Google subsidiary Jigsaw is expanding a corresponding video education campaign to the German-speaking Internet. The company announced this on Monday in Berlin at. So far, the preventive activities had been based on
Poland, in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia focused.

The campaign is based on research by psychologists on the British universities of Cambridge and Bristol, have developed a concept of misinformation prevention (“prebunking”). The aim is to sensitize viewers to the fact that supposedly neutral information is only intended to fool people into thinking something that is not true. A sign of manipulative content is language that touches psychologically. It is also suspicious if certain groups are held responsible for grievances that they are not responsible for.


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