People from Novlja are suspected of having stolen music devices, speakers, and art paintings from the hotel

Police officers of the Security Department of Herceg Novi shed light on the criminal offense of aggravated theft that was committed in a hotel in Igalo and arrested TO (55) and MB (37) from that city.

” By taking intensive measures and actions within their jurisdiction, members of the Herzegovina police came to know that in the period from November 17 to 20, TO and MB came to the mentioned hotel, which was closed during the winter period, and using suitable means forcibly opened the door, entered into the interior of the hotel, where they stole music devices, speakers, as well as the family’s five large-format art paintings,” the police say. Novi on suspicion of having committed a criminal act of concealment.

“It is suspected that LV bought part of the stolen items from the suspects TO and MB. A criminal report was filed against him in regular proceedings,” the police point out.

TO and MB were brought under criminal charges within the legal term under to the incoming prosecutor in the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Herceg Novi for further jurisdiction.

The material damage caused by the execution of the mentioned criminal acts is about 10,000 euros.

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