Peter's affair drama: Yvonne Woelke shoots against Iris Klein

Yvonne Woelke(41) seems annoyed! The stars and starlets are currently in the Australian bush to face the nasty tests. But this year’s jungle camp season is overshadowed by a drama from the Versace hotel: Iris Klein (55) throws her husband Peter to have cheated on her with Yvonne— although he was supposed to support his son-in-law Lucas Cordalis(55) in the jungle. The actress already denied the rumors and blamed Iris on the drama. Now Yvonne shot again against the TV notoriety!

In a RTL– Interview made it clear to Yvonne, that she couldn’t understand the drama about Iris and her husband: ” you was a bit exaggerated!” She had already asserted that nothing was going on between her and Peter. Nevertheless, the 41-year-old gets a lot of hate messages, especially online: “I have the feeling that it’s all about the two of them now and I’m the one who suffers.”

Yvonne never wanted bad blood– in her opinion Just pronounce Iris and Peter. “ I think the two of them have already been through a lot. This will also survive now. If you have survived that, everything else will work out,” said the moderator, who was also confident.

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Schauspielerin Yvonne Woelke auf der Fashion Week in Berlin, 2017

Instagram/ iris_klein_mama _

Iris and Peter Klein in December 2021

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No, too much has happened for that.

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