Phnom Penh: discover the best accommodation options

To spend a few days of maximum disconnection and comfort, it is not only necessary to choose a paradisiacal destination or one that we have always dreamed of knowing, but also the selection of the hotel. A good accommodation is key to fully enjoy, rest and feel comfortable during your stay. It doesn’t matter what the goals of the trip are because comfort is key, both when we are on vacation and when we stay for work.

That is why the selection of accommodation is not something that we should underestimate or leave until the last minute, especially since it is It is possible to find high quality alternatives that fit all budgets and even more so when it comes to tourist cities such as Phnom Penh, the busy capital of Cambodia.

The best hotels in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is one of the most interesting cities that you can discover on the Asian continent. It has an ancient history and an unprecedented cultural richness. That is why it is one of the main tourist destinations in Asia and it is, precisely for that reason, that if you want to visit it, you must plan the trip well in advance to have access to the best accommodation options in the city. Below we share with you some of the best phnom penh hotels that you can find:

Casa Boutique Eco hotel

This magnificent shop-type hotel is positioned as one of the best in the city because combines great facilities, good service and extremely affordable prices This is why it tends to fill up extremely quickly, making reservations essential with enough time in advance, both to guarantee the reservation and the best prices.

If, in addition, you are one of those who are interested for the care of the environment, we must emphasize that this option is making a great effort for the environment by reducing the use of plastics, water and, basically, providing advice, both to the places and to the tourists in what regards all environmental issues.

Mad Monkey Hostel Phnom Penh

An option that can be even cheaper than the previous one is Mad Monkey Hostel Phnom Penh. This hotel stands out for having a modern architecture and offering visitors all kinds of services designed for their comfort.

The comfortable, modern and elegant kid rooms, as well as than the rest of the hotel facilities. In this sense, it has common areas to guarantee maximum enjoyment and comfort, such as the pool, bar and a restaurant where diners can enjoy the highest Cambodian cuisine.

Luxcity hotel & & Apartment

With an extremely central location, this hotel is one of the most luxurious in the city and despite this, its price is surprisingly affordable. It has magnificent facilities, both privately and in common areas, in addition to offering its clients all kinds of comforts, such as the completely free private parking, bar and gym.

On the other hand, the kid rooms are spacious, modern and always spotless In addition to having satellite television, dressing room, microwave, electric kettle, basic kitchen utensils and a very complete set of coffee and tea. Without a doubt, this is one of the best accommodation options in the city.

El Balé

If you want to enjoy an authentic adventure, One of the best accommodation options is El Balé This option is synonymous with maximum luxury and comfort, located on the banks of the Mekong River, on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital.

It is also synonymous with contact with nature and maximum disconnection It is a luxurious complex that has 18 very elegant and comfortable suites, impressive gardens, a large swimming pool, bar and restaurant where they offer the most exclusive gastronomic offers. On the other hand, it is important to note that it is an ecological option that, additionally, stands out for its top quality service.

The hotel shop White Mansion

Another option that stands out for luxury and comfort is this hotel store In fact, as a curious fact, this hotel works in what used to be the Embassy of the United States, which can give a concept of its magnificent facilities.

This hotel is interesting for its history, among many other elements, and it also has a gorgeous pool, an elegant medical spa, and even a bakery. All this in a privileged location that will allow you to easily move to the most touristic places in the city.

Keys to choose the best hotel in Phnom Penh

In Phnom Penh there is a wide variety of accommodation offers and the best thing is that the vast majority are extremely affordable at an economic level, especially when compared to other major tourist destinations. Hence, when choosing one or another alternative, do not get carried away by the price alone because in the vast majority of cases they are extremely cheap, although there are also much more exclusive options. Below we share some keys that will help you select the best accommodation alternative:

  • Location: Depending on your airplanes, location is key. If your goal is to disconnect and be in nature, the best option is to opt for luxury hotels located on the outskirts, but if the goal is to visit the most touristic places, the best option is hotels located in the city and near the main means of transport.
  • Facilities: check how child the facilities of the place. In this sense, it is essential to know if the hotel has a swimming pool, restaurants, parking and other types of services that you may consider essential.
  • Service: for a cozy stay, having a good service is essential and even more so when we speak different languages. Check if there are individuals in the hotel who speak different languages ​​and it is also advisable to investigate the reputation of the hotel based on the experiences of other guests.

Phnom Penh is, without a doubt, a fascinating city with a lot to discover and enjoy, and for your stay to be truly unforgettable, it is essential to select the best hotel. For this, it is important that it adapts to your airplanes and that, of course, it stands out for having good facilities and offering good service.


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