Police are looking for photos of stabbers – and are offering a reward

Police are looking for stabber with photos and reward

Updated on 04/22/2023 Reading time: 2 min.

Ein Polizeiwagen mit Blaulicht: Die Polizei hat mit Bildern nach den Verdächtigen gefahndet.

Ein Polizeiwagen mit Blaulicht: Die Polizei hat mit Bildern nach den Verdächtigen gefahndet.

A police car with blue lights: The police searched for the suspects with pictures. (Source: IMAGO/xcitepress/Benedict Bartsch)

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Even days after the knife attack in a Duisburg gym, a victim is in mortal danger. The police released photos of the suspect.

On Tuesday, a man seriously injured several people in a Duisburg gym. In the search for the perpetrator, the investigators from the Duisburg Homicide Commission went public on Friday with photos from surveillance cameras and offered a reward.

The gym on Schwanenstrasse does not have cameras itself, but a camera on Münzstrasse recorded the man fleeing on foot in the direction of Steinsche Gasse. Several witnesses have confirmed that the man on the videos is the one he is looking for, writes the Police As the Duisburg public prosecutor Jill McCuller told the German Press Agency on Saturday, numerous tips had been received by the investigators, but the hot lead had not materialized.

Police warn: Do not confront suspect

The wanted man is said to be around 25 to 35 years old and of average build. He wore a black, unkempt beard at the time of the crime. He was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and black shoes with white soles. He also wore a black baseball cap with the peak turned forward and was carrying a dark backpack.

Police warn against approaching the potentially dangerous man. Anyone who sees him should call the emergency number 110 immediately. Pass Away Prosecutor’s Office

Duisburg has for clues that lead to the arrest of the perpetrator, a reward of 2,000

EuroTwitter Logo suspended. Witnesses who can provide information on the identity or whereabouts of the suspect are asked to contact the Duisburg Homicide Commission on 0203/2800. Police ask for training selfies

Cell phone photos or videos from the John Reed gym may also be of interest. This also applies to training selfies, where something may be visible in the background.

The investigators are not assuming the knife attack was a shooting attack. Accordingly, the man is said to have attacked one of the four victims in a targeted manner, and three other people are said to have been accidentally injured during his escape. One of the victims, a 21-year-old man, is still in mortal danger. As of Saturday, two other victims were also still in the hospital, but their lives were not in danger.

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