PPK Selection in Ciamis Held in a Hotel Room, How come?

Harapanrakyat.com,- PPK Selection in Ciamis which was held KPU Ciamis took place in a hotel. The selection starts December 11-13 2022 at the Priangan hotel.

Based on information, the selection for the District Election Committee (PPK) took place from around 08.00 WIB to 22.00 at night in 5 hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, the total participants reached 412 of which 135 will be selected to become PPK in 27 sub-districts in Ciamis.

Reasons for PPK Selection in Ciamis at Hotels

Chairman of KPU Ciamis Sarno Maulana Rahayu together with Kadivsos Parmas and KPU HR Muharam Kurnia Drajat confirmed that his party held the PPK selection in Ciamis which took place at the hotel.

The choice of the hotel as the selection site, said Muharam, was because the location of the hotel was representative for the participants.

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” Because the hotel did not have a special place for this interview, that’s why we used 5 rooms for the interview. These five rooms correspond to the number of commissioners, all of whom are 5 ,” said Muharam, Monday (12/12/22).

In addition, he continued, during the interview test process in the room, the commissioners received assistance from KPU secretariat employees and received supervision from the TNI and Polri. This is so that the process runs smoothly.

He also revealed that the PPK selection took place in hotels, not only in Ciamis. But outside the area there are also those who do the same thing.

“The West Java Province KPU already knows this activity is taking place at the hotel. Meanwhile, the interview time for each participant starts from 7-10 minutes to answer various questions from the commissioners,” he explained.

Muharam added, this interview test stage is a series of the implementation of PKPU No. 8 of 2022. As for regulations, it is stated in KPU letter No. 476 of 2022.

It also hopes that the results of the PPK selection test can produce administrators who are credible, professional, have integrity and have high loyalty to the work they will carry out.

” To the selection participants PPK in Ciamis who have not succeeded in becoming election organizers should not be discouraged. Because the opportunity to become election organizers is not only in PPK,” he concluded. (Fahmi/R6/HR-Online)


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