Press report: ​​CJ Iași buys diaries and pens from the PNL vice-president's company at double prices. A commissioner from Bistriţa paid with his position because he fined the City Hall. Satmărean stung with thousands of lei by Ukrainians. What to pay attention to when staying in the hotel room

Iasi County Council buys diaries and pens at double prices from the PNL vice-president’s company Bistrita: a commissioner paid with his position because he dared to fine the City Hall Satmărean stung with thousands of lei by Ukrainians Crimes in Romanian orphanages Hard to fired from the public system: the anti-vaxxer professor returned to the chair Jeff Bezos’s advice on the brink of an economic crisis What to pay attention to when checking into an electronic hotel room IGSU confirms that the 5 million euro barochambers did not treat any patients in 4 rectums How AUR turns into a conservative party Mail from Turkey. What is hidden behind the attack in Istanbul DIICOT closed files with damages of 1.1 billion euros Trouble with the Budget: “Extraordinary revenues” brought by inflation and the energy crisis do not compensate for the slowdown of the economy and the deficits in the PNRR

Press report

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The Iași County Council buys diaries and pens at double prices from the PNL vice-president’s company

Moldavian Advertising SRL Iași, controlled by Marius Ionuț Rîpanu, will supply hundreds of procedural products for the County Council Iasi at double prices compared to those practiced on the market. The company with absolutely no employees had no competitor, the award being made by direct entrustment. Rîpanu is vice-president of the municipal organization PNL Iași, led by Marius Dangă, the “vice” of Costel Alexe at the CJ. Rîpanu’s firm was established a few days after the 2020 elections, after the PNL won the leadership of the CJ Iași. Moldavian Advertising SRL also won contracts with public money during this year, especially from town halls or institutions controlled by people from the PNL Iași. “No the fact that I am in PNL Iași has no relevance,” Rîpanu reacted to

the questions asked by 7IAȘI

Bistrita : a commissioner paid with the position for daring to control and fine the City Hall

The Bistrița-Năsăud Environmental Guard County Commissariat has another chief after Grațian Morariu dared to apply a sanction to the Bistriţa Municipality City Hall in the amount of 50 thousand lei and order the complementary measure of building demolition and illegal represented by the Asphalt Station. According to sources, the new boss is Ioan Borș, a very good friend of the mayor. Context: In short, the City Hall Bistrita bought a new asphalt station, which she began to install, on her own, without asking for the necessary approvals or construction authorization. In May 2022, mayor Ioan Turc posted on Facebook about the advanced stage of the works. The Directorate of Public Services requested the environmental consent for the construction authorization only at the end of May this year, when the works were almost finished (70% completed). The BN Environmental Protection Agency was the first institution to turn the tables on those from the City Hall, rejecting their request for an environmental permit, as the legislation does not allow the evaluation of constructions that have already started,

writes Online Week

An inattentive Satmara resident was stung with several thousand lei after being contacted via the Whatsapp application by several Ukrainians. It all started after the Satmărean tried to sell some goods on olx. Due to the war, the individuals cannot be identified and will most likely continue their criminal activity.

It all started in the information of 13.012022, around 10:00 p.m., when the injured person posted several articles of clothing for sale on the website specialized in online sales and purchase OLX. On the same date, she was contacted on the electronic messaging application “Whatsapp” by a person who recommended herself to be from the town of Bacău and who showed interest in purchasing the respective items, write

Crimes in Romanian orphanages, included in a European initiative. What’s next

Sirmanca Beladi, born Fekete, is a survivor of the hospital home at Cighid, arriving there at the age of 3 rectums, in 1986 “At Cighid, 138 children died in 2 rectums, due to lack of food and infections. Sometimes I go to visit them at the cemetery and wonder why God saved me. But I’m very happy to be a survivor and I know: one day I want to be buried in the same place, to be with my friends forever.”

Recently, the Council of Europe invited two survivors from different countries to tell their story: Romania and Germany. Sirmanca Beladi spoke about the crimes in Romania: “My story it starts during Ceausescu’s communism. In 1988, when I was 3 years old, I was taken to a home for disabled people, although I was not disabled at all. I was only a little weaker than other children my age. But Ceausescu wanted a country full of strong and healthy children. Those who looked weak were not considered useful, and so we were sent to institutions to die. This institution called Cighid, with almost 100 children, was actually a cradle of death,” writes PressHub

Hard to dismiss from sis public theme: the anti-vaxxer professor is back in the classroom.

Augustin Vieru contested the dismissal and, while the trial lasts, he has the right to teach. He was moved from Răducăneni to Mogoșești-Siret. The headmistress of the school says that she knows him from previous years, when he caused a lot of trouble, but that now he is quiet for now. “We are keeping an eye on him”. Augustin Vieru is the vice-president of the extremist New Right party, he threatened to bring Diana Șoșoăcă to school and terrorized his students on the WhatsApp group. However, he cannot be stopped from teaching. The law defend!,

writes ReporterIS

The Capital Prefecture has a new headquarters, from Wednesday What services will be unavailable in the next period

The Capital Prefecture will have a new headquarters from Wednesday, November 16. The prefecture institution will move to the center of Bucharest, on Batiștei Street, at number 13, in the Nicolae Filipescu House, where it had the headquarters of the embassy of the United States of America in Bucharest. However, the telephone numbers, email addresses, website of the Prefecture and its schedule do not undergo changes.

The Capital Prefecture will operate in the former headquarters of the United States embassy of America in Bucharest. As of Wednesday, November 16, the Prefecture will be at Strada Batiștei 13, in the Nicolae Filipescu House. The Apostille Office and the Registry will operate in the same building. However, this move will affect the activity of the apostille, its receipt and release not being available in the information of November 16, because it is necessary to move the electronic equipment, write B365 ro

Jeff Bezos’s advice on the brink of an economic crisis

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has warned consumers and businesses that they should consider putting off big purchases in the coming months as the global economy faces a recession. Bezos urged people to put off big spending, such as new cars, televisions and appliances, noting that delaying purchases is the surest way to keep some “dry powder” in the event of a prolonged economic downturn. Meanwhile, businesses small businesses may want to avoid making large capital expenditures or acquisitions during this uncertain time, Bezos added, according to the Truth

What to pay attention to when staying in an electronic hotel room: the revelations of a specialist in the hotel industry

Halee Whiting owns a support company for hotel sales in the US and made a clip that went viral about where tourists should check before spending the night in a hotel room.

“ Here orgasm should be to you video check the hotel room before unpacking,” she begins to say in the video, which has garnered 5.2 million views since it was uploaded under the title “How to Look for Bed Bugs in a hotel”.

“ The first thing you need to do is to make sure the room is dark. Turn off the lights, close any blinds and use the flashlight on your phone. And while it’s all off, you’ll come over here under the blanket … [and] check under all the folds … I usually locate them in the corners and in the folds,”

write the Truth

IGSU confirms in an answer for Libertatea that the 5 million euro barochambers did not treat any patient in 4 rectums

In an official response from the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), the institution admits that cars that cost more than 1, 2 million euros each, approximately 5 million euros overall, were not used for the benefit of any patient. Libertatea wrote, on Monday, November 14, that the 4 TIRs are lying unused, and the prosecutors are already investigating the case. In the statement, IGSU says that the prosecutors “did not descend”, but the documents were requested, which is, in the institution’s opinion, inconsistent with the reality of what they wrote is the newspaper, writes Freedom

How AUR turns into a conservative party

AUR wants to enter the official league of European extremists, so he created a political institute and invited right-wing radicals from kid the continent to demonstrate that Europe is in a “phase of degeneration”. With 14% of the voting options (according to a CURS poll from October 2022), the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) combines grassroots in the country to convince people of its generosity, continues to develop its influence in the virtual environment and works on external strategy to demonstrate his doctrinal ability. As any populist party only has electoral strategies, not concrete solutions, but against the background of increased inflation, energy problems, the battle between PSD and PNL and the weaknesses in USR, it could catch a free lane,

write DW

PSD and PNL stop raising property taxes. Waiting for the 2024 election to pass

Sources from the governing Coalition told Free Europe that the property tax will increase from January 1, 2025, when the notary grid will be applied. Until then, PSD and PNL do not intend for Parliament to increase property taxes.

The budget committee of the Chamber of Deputies will give its opinion on Tuesday the last port on the Ordinance aimed at increasing the taxes. The governing coalition must decide whether to maintain the form left from the Victoria Palace – Government, the one voted in the Senate, or come up with a new proposal,

write Free Europe

Mail from Turkey. What is behind the attack in Istanbul

PressOne Correspondent Carolina Drüten writes from Ankara about the first echoes of the attack yesterday, November 13, in Istanbul, which killed six people and injured over 80.

Terror has returned to Istanbul. On the videos on the web, a loud explosion is heard, followed by a flame. Images show a black crater and people lying on the ground. At least six people were killed and more than 80 injured in Sunday afternoon’s explosion on a popular shopping street in the Turkish metropolis. Some of the victims are still being treated in hospitals.

Shortly after the event, Turkey’s interior minister claimed that the Kurdish PKK group was responsible for the attack. The person who planted the bomb has been arrested, Süleyman Soylu said. Earlier, government officials had spoken of a female suspect who had been sitting for three-quarters of an hour on a bench on Commercial Street and who had gotten up shortly before the detonation, writes PressOne

The costly effect of prescription: DIICOT closed files with damages of 1.1 billion euros

DIICOT will close 288 files in the criminal prosecution phase and 317 files have already been sent to court, the damage established in these cases being 1.1 billion euros, says the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism, in an answer provided to the Romanian Judges’ Forum association.

The files will be closed as a result of the decision of the Constitutional Court and the ÎCCJ regarding the prescription of the facts, but also the fact that the parliamentarians did not amend in time an article that regulated this.

Previously, the DNA had announced that the damages caused by the closing of criminal files due to the statute of limitations amount to 1.2 billion euros, announces PressHub

The CIA director met with the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence service. Moscow says US has initiated “negotiations”

The director of the American intelligence agency, William Burns, is in Ankara on Monday, where he had a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Narishkin, about Russia’s ability to control the risks it faces and about the situation of American citizens in prison in this country.

At the same time, Burns spoke to him Naryshkin on “the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia”.

A spokesman for the US National Security Council confirmed to CNN the meeting in Ankara between the heads of the two information services,
write SpotMedia

Difficult with the Budget: “Extraordinary revenues” brought by inflation and the energy crisis do not compensate for the slowdown of the economy and the deficits in the PNRR

The government did not manage to collect from the budget what it has proposed in the third quarter of this year, the reason for missing the revenue target being the below-expected evolution of the amounts from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), as well as an below-expected evolution of revenues from the domestic economy, most likely a result of the cost of living crisis.

Revenues of the consolidated basic budget totaled 114.8 billion lei (8.4% of GDP) in the third quarter of 2022, with 3.45 billion lei below the forecasted level, reflecting a 97.1% completion rate of the collection program, emerges from a report of the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP),


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