Prices, Codacons alarm: in 2022 food, transport, bills and tourism lists are flying

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2022 was the black year of price increases, with the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis which have pushed up the prices of goods and services leading to increases in price lists that have affected all sectors, from food to transport, from tourism to catering. This is what Codacons underlines, which in the light of the definitive data on average inflation for 2022 released by Istat has drawn the “map of the increases” that hit Italian families last year.

For airline tickets 85.9% year on year

Analyzing item by item the average increase of prices and tariffs record during 2022, the podium goes to electricity, which rose by 110.4% compared to 2021, followed by air tickets (international and European) which grow by 85.9% year on year, and by gas ( 73.7%). Seed oil increased by an average of 51.5% last year, diesel for heating by 38.4%, while the item “other fuels” (LPG, methane) rose by 33.3%.

Heavy burden for Italians on food spending

Increase those of 2022 which translated into a heavy burden for the Italians. Considering the consumption expenditure of a group of 4 people, the average inflation rate of 8.1%, with the same consumption, translated into a sting of 3,018 euros ( 698 euros only for food expenditure, 9.1%): for the item “bread and cereals” a family spent around 144 euros more than in 2021 ( 10.9%), 122.7 euros for meat ( 7.2%), 117.3 euros for vegetables ( 11.8%)– calculates the Codacons -. Spending on milk, cheese and eggs increased by an average of 94 euros per household ( 9.5%), 43.6 euros for fruit.

Average increase of 862 euros in electricity bills in 2022

Turning to the sore point of energy, an increase of 110, 4% for electricity is equivalent, based on Istat data, to an average increase of 862 euros in the bill in 2022, 533.6 euros for gas, for a total of 1,395 euros per core. the Italian family spent 335 euros last year, with diesel up by an average of 22.1%, petrol by 11.8%. Significant increases in price lists also for bars, restaurants and hotels, which grew by 6.3% with fallout from 114 euros per family. Not even furniture and services for the home ( 83.1 euros per unit), products for pets ( 7%, 14.5 euros) flowers and plants ( 7.3 %, 9.5 euros).


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