PSSI's New Hope in the Hands of Erick Thohir

With relief, DPD RI Chairman La Nyalla Mattalitti accepted his defeat at the Extraordinary Congress (KLB) of the All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) at the Shangri-La hotel, South Jakarta, last Thursday, 16 February. Of the 86 owners of voting rights, La Nyalla only pocketed 22 votes. Lost 42 votes compared to the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir, who pocketed 64 votes.

” I hope that Mas Erick will be supported by a new management,” said La Nyalla after the Election Committee decided Erick as the General Chairperson of PSSI new ones.

La Nyalla hopes that Erick will not include the old PSSI management and Executive Committee (Exco) who are suspected of being the Indonesian football mafia.

” We know who the mafia are “The mafia was in the old Exco. Hopefully, we won’t be elected again. If it gets involved again, I’m sure it won’t take long for the KLB to return,” said La Nyalla.

Erick answered his rival’s hopes by immediately holding a press conference with the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo. At the Gelora Utama Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan, on Sunday, 19 February 2023, Erick promised to wipe out the Indonesian football mafia. The Football Anti-Mafia Task Force, which had been in suspended animation, will be revived. Now, said Erick, it’s time for the football mafia to get a red card.

This is a protracted matter, which has become a parasite and embarrasses us all.”

” This is a protracted matter, which has become a parasite and embarrasses us all,” said Erick at the time. .

Save Our Soccer coordinator Akmal Marhali views the attitude shown by Erick and La Nyalla after the PSSI KLB was a reflection of how football should be, both of them being able to set a good example of football reasonable play, that the people of Indonesia have always wanted.

La Nyalla, as the loser, can be relieved. Erick, as the winner, is also not conceited. , that’s a picture of Indonesian football. There is markup sound right. It’s embarrassing,” Akmal said a little regretfully.

Erick’s election went smoothly. However, the election for the PSSI Waketum was marred by controversy over allegations of vote bloat. The election had to be repeated so that in the end two names were elected, namely Ratu Tisha and Yunus Nusi. At the end of the KLB, Yunus Nusi decided to step down and his position was filled by the Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali.

Persiba Balikpapan President Gede Widiade assessed that Erick was capable and dared to disclose everything. Erick’s courage was even proven when he disclosed 159 corruption cases in SOEs in 2021.

” Whatever happened yesterday, don’t forget it. If possible, it will be thoroughly investigated by the new management,” said Gede when contacted by press reporter detikX last week.

The Chairperson of the West Java PSSI Provincial Association Tommy Aprianto conveyed the same hope to the press reporter detikX, Tommy admits that he believes Erick can reveal what happened during the election for the PSSI Waketum. said Tommy, this must be the first step for Erick if he wants to clean PSSI from dirty hands.

The election of Erick as chairman of PSSI has raised hopes for an improvement in the climate for Indonesian football in the future. waiting for a lot of homework to be done soon.

Member of Commission VI of the Republic of Indonesia DPR from the Gerindra Party faction, Andre Rosiade, believes that Erick’s most difficult task at the moment is to ensure that his big plans are not disturbed by the interests of the old PSSI management. Because, said Andre, now there are still old names chosen as Exco PSSI.

The old names in question are Endri Erawan, Juni Rahman, Vivin Cahyani, Ahmad Riyadh, Hasnuryadi and Pieter Tanuri. These six names are Exco who are also considered responsible for what happened to Indonesian football over the past few years, including the matter of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy.

” I hope Mr. Erick doesn’t lose to those old people Mr. Erick has to color it, don’t color it,” explained Andre to the press reporter detikX

-the old name as Exco in the current PSSI management is also in the spotlight of the CEO of the Indonesian Professional Footballers Association (APPI) Hardika Aji. Some parties, said Hardika, might be skeptical of Erick’s leadership, whose board is currently still filled with old PSSI members. However, Hardika and APPI members believe Erick has the ability to improve Indonesian football in the future.

” Quite successful abroad (country). He built Inter Milan, which was about to go bankrupt. Then in basketball also quite stable. So, this is a challenge for him,” said Hardika to press reporter detikX on Friday, February 17, 2023.

Erick is also currently faced with a number of household chores that have never been completed by the old management. Football observer Anton Sanjoyo said that Erick’s big task in fixing Indonesian football must start from revamping the professional competition, starting from League 1, League 2 and League 3. The promotion and relegation system must resume.

Besides that , youth development should also be Erick’s main focus if he wants Indonesia to enter the 2040 World Cup. This early age development almost never took place in the old PSSI management. Coaching of professional referees and coaches is also needed to improve the quality of national football.

Then, football facilities and infrastructure, starting from technology transfer, sport science, to a quality training ground, is also needed to make Indonesian football standards at least on par with other Asian countries. In this way, said Anton, only then would Indonesia be able to talk about increasing the FIFA rating.

” So we don’t start by raising our FIFA ranking. How do we want to go up? Beat We can’t even do Singapore,” said Anton.

Meanwhile, Persik Kediri midfielder Arthur Irawan hopes that Erick’s current leadership can be a turning point for Indonesian football. Arthur hopes that Erick guarantees the safety and comfort of football fans. Because, after all, football will never be the same without the support of supporters.

Moreover, said Arthur, the election for the chairman of PSSI this time was also started because of a tragedy that has claimed hundreds of lives of supporters. “Children and mothers should be able to watch football matches at the stadium without fear,” concluded Arthur.


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