Putri Siti Nurhaliza Excited to See Krisdayanti's Long Nails, Wants to be Cut Using a Bread Knife – ShowBiz Liputan6.com

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Krisdayanti is currently in Malaysia with her husband and daughter Amora. This opportunity was not wasted KD, as he is usually called, to meet his old friend, Siti Nurhaliza.

A happy face was seen when Krisdayanti was visited by the singer of ” Cindai” at the hotel where she was staying. Siti Nurhaliza also brought her two children, Siti Aafiyah, and Muhammad Afwa and their caregivers.

Apparently, Siti Nurhaliza’s first daughter, who is four years old, admires Krisdayanti’s fingernails. As seen in the video uploaded on her verified Instagram, Saturday (29/10/2022), Krisdayanti’s nails are long and colorful.

Aafiyah kept holding and stroking her. He often compares it to his short fingernails.

Aurel Hermansyah Birth, Ashanty & & Krisdayanti Compactly Carrying Her Granddaughter

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Krisdayanti (Photo: Instagram/@krisdayantilemos)
Krisdayanti (Photo: Instagram/@krisdayantilemos)

Siti Nurhaliza, it seems that she never wears long fake nails and then felines them with various shapes. So that Aafiyah was fascinated by Krisdayanti’s.

“Mother didn’t do it. It can’t be with papa,” Krisdayanti explained to Aafiyah in the video.

” Isn’t it beautiful, “Siti Nurhaliza also commented so that the child did not take her eyes off Krisdayanti’s nails.



Can’t Play Piano

Krisdayanti (Photo: Instagram/@krisdayantilemos) Krisdayanti (Photo: Instagram/@krisdayantilemos)

Krisdayanti reminds Aafiyah that having long nails like him there are things he can’t do, including playing a musical instrument.

“But I can’t play the primary piano later,” explained Krisdayanti.

Want to Cut

Krisdayanti (Photo: Instagram /@krisdayantilemos)

So excited with Krisdayanti’s nails, Aafiyah took the bread knife in front of her and wanted to cut it. Seeing this, Krisdayanti was not angry.

Instead, she laughed and hugged Aafiyah. “Uh, I can’t,” he explained to Aafiyah.

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