Qatar: Venezuelan fan of luxury hotel thrown out for wearing a daring neckline

It is not enough to be popular on the internet and have millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok to have a blast during the World Cup in Qatar 2022 . The Venezuelan influencer Mariam Obregón shared a series of stories on her networks recounting the embarrassing moment she experienced when she wanted to enter the hall with a low-cut blouse luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, the one that looks like an old ship sail, and which is considered the only 7-star hotel, according to the beautiful content creator.

Mariam Obregón narrated that when she wanted to enter through the lobby of the luxury hotel, the security personnel stopped her to tell her that she could not enter with a pretty blouse low cut . She narrated that she dared to do that, because she saw in other stories of a friend that she entered very calmly with casual clothes and a normal top. Mariam Obregón assured that she felt the harsh Qatari restrictions and had to leave the vicinity of the Burj Al Arab .

Mariam Obregón took the censorship of the hotel with amusement. Photo: Instagram @mariamobregon

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But since it is a determined woman and wanted to see the inside of the Burj Al Arab hotel she went to a luxury store to buy a blouse. Mariam Obregón assured in another Instagram story that this basic garment cost her thousands of pesos , but she managed to cover her bust and thanks to this they let her into the hotel.

Mariam Obregón assured that no one is going to humiliate her. Photo: Instagram @mariamobregon

A similar case of the harsh Qatar’s restrictions were those that the Spanish lived Mariazel when walking in a bikini, quite daring, according to the authorities from that nation, on a beach and having to change her look. Another woman who was also close to not attending her team’s matches was the Croatian fan Ivanna Knoll, she wore very tight and spectacular clothes that drew the attention of all the fans and this was not allowed by Qatar, in the end there were no major problems, but exposed the rigor of that country towards women’s liberties .

Photo: Instagram @mariamobregon


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