Rally da Pecuária holds a technical event in Porto Velho and presents a scenario of prices and perspectives for the meat market

The third event of the Livestock Rally 2022/2023 will take place in Porto Velho, this Wednesday, January 25th, starting at 5 pm, at L’Acordes hotel. At the event, Maurício Palma Nogueira, coordinator of the technical expedition that evaluates beef cattle in the country, will address, among other topics, price projections and prospects for the livestock cycle; the perspectives for beef until 2030; investments and changes in farm budgets; methane/carbon from the perspective of results on farms and the current scenario for the protein market. Free registration at this link

In addition to the topics discussed in the previous stages, whose main highlights were the increase in productivity and perspectives that investments in technology will grow even more until 2030, the first event of 2023 will include the balance of results until December.” In 2022, beef cattle surpassed a mark that, until very recently, we imagined 2025″, emphasizes the expedition’s coordinating agronomist.

In 2022, Brazilian exports reached 3.02 million tons in carcass equivalent. There were 2.48 million metric tons, which generated revenues of US$12.96 billion. The state of Rondônia accounted for 7.5% of overall shipments and 6.7% of revenues, an achievement for producers in the region that has been increasing its importance in Brazilian livestock.

“Twenty years ago, Rondônia accounted for less than 0.5% of beef exports”, reinforces Maurício Palma Nogueira. “Producers, slaughterhouses and the state’s production chain need to prepare for ever-increasing challenges in beef cattle”, he continues. The Livestock Rally team, made up of technicians from companies participating in the expedition, will also address pastures and the increase in average carcass weight in the region during the event.

For the coordinator of the Rally, the coming years will not be easy. Some challenges to be faced by ranchers and slaughterhouses to meet demand by 2030 are the increase in production costs and higher interest rates for borrowing capital. Over the past five years, production costs on an average beef cattle farm have grown by 12% a year on average. This increase was caused by the worldwide scenario, impacted by the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine, and by the increase in dollar exchange rates.

The event in Porto Velho is part of the script for the third team from the Livestock Rally, which returns to the field this week touring the regions of Vilhena, Rolim de Moura, Ji-Paraná and Porto Velho. In its 11th edition, sponsored by Ihara and Mosaic Fertilizantes, the expedition follows a new itinerary of visits to producers and collection of pasture samples. Unlike previous editions, the Rally will take place over nine months, with teams dedicated to face-to-face visits, surveying, among other aspects, pastures and production systems, nutrition and finishing strategies, reproduction and health. infrastructure sizing and aptitude for taking credits and investments.

Throughout the Rally, technicians will take information to producers and field technicians and will hold eight regional events in loco, with themes related to the market, productivity and sustainability, in addition to two special events– focused on the beef cattle market– thus expanding the scope of the expedition.

In the field, the team Since November 16, the technician has traveled through the states of Goiás– leaving Goiânia and passing through the regions of Rio Verde, and Nova Crixás– heading to Tocantins (Gurupi region) and Pará (Redenção), and arriving in Palms (TO). The second team started on December 11, leaving Tocantins towards Mato Grosso, where it traveled through the regions of Vila Rica, Ribeirão Cascalheira, Barra do Garças, Rondonópolis – city that hosted the technical event -, Cuiabá and Pontes e Lacerda, ending the stage on December 17th in Vilhena, Rondônia.


Local technical event of the Livestock Rally

Location: L’Acordes hotel– Rua da Beira– BR 364, 8250– Neighborhood Aeroclube– Porto Velho

Date: 01/25, at 5 pm

Registration: Register for free at the local event of the Livestock Rally 2022/23 in Porto Velho/RO (athenagro.com.br)

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