Rating: Big Brother devastates and the “Pampita” hotel collapses

The decision of Adrián Suar, responsible for the programming of eltrece, to change the schedule of El hotel de los famosos worsened the situation of the cycle

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19/01/2023 – 07.47 hs

Rating: Gran Hermano arrasa y el hotel de

The score of Wednesday’s prime time on open television in Buenos Aires ratified the empire of Big Brother , with peaks above 20 points on Telefe in the face of anemia of the eltrece proposal.

At 2205, the reality TV cycle recorded 20.4 points, while The 8 million steps scored 6.1 points. At 10:33 p.m., Big Brother rose to 21.2 points and Guido Kaczka said goodbye with 7.5 points, once again being the most watched signal of the Clarín group.

At 2,257, Big Brother grew by 21.7 points, while Mother’s love languished by 3.3 points. At 11:30 p.m., the Telefe program loosened a bit at 19.4 points, while the eltrece novela had 2.4 points.

Rating: one month from the last of Qatar2022, how much did the Argentine consecration measure?

Wednesday marked one month since Argentina’s consecration in the Qatar2022 Men’s Soccer World Cup TyC Sports repeated the victory for the fifth time albiceleste over France on penalties.

The broadcast of the last began at 11:00 p.m. on that pay television signal and reached 1.1 points , tying Buenos Aires open television channels and surpassing news signals.

Rating: The “Pampita” hotel falls into a well

The second season of the hotel of the famous , in the thirteenth, fails in a resounding way. After losing by a wide margin in its first week in primetime, where it competed with Big Brother, the cycle co-hosted by the model Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain was moved to the last slot of the afternoon.

The decision of Adrián Suar, responsible for the programming of eltrece, worsened the situation. At 1918 on Wednesday, The hotel of the Famous had just 3.8 points compared to 8.2 points for the soap opera Amor de familia, on Telefe. At 7:50 p.m., the Pampita hotel registered a floor of only 3.1 points, the lowest mark of the real season and of the previous one.

Big Brother: expectations for Marcos’ decision

With Marcos Ginocchio as the leader of the week in “Big Brother” and with a live nomination this Thursday, with a fulminant included, for the first time, the audience of the cycle has a great expectation.

Although the participant from Salta is considered to be very predictable, the cycle panel anticipated that could be “between the a rock and a hard place” The participants could leave Julieta and Agustín, the great friend of the” Cousin “in a plaque.

Opinions leaned among former invited participants towards “ Frodo“. This young man is very close to Marcos, aware of his good profile among the followers of the program and his high chances of reaching the last.

Although he had an affinity with Julieta Poggio and even the viewers were excited about a love affair, the relationship continued as a friendship.

Even “ Disney ” slipped comments against the young man, whom he of course sees as a competitor. On Twitter, viewers found it impossible for Marcos to prefer Juliet to Marcos.

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