Reasons for the Killing of Kembang Latar

Intan– not her real name– a 31 year old woman, lying lifeless in room 110 of a hotel in Menteng, Central Jakarta. When her friend and a hotel employee found her, Intan’s body was already stiff and her face was covered with a pillow. Several bruises were visible on his body and head.

“His position was still naked,” said a hotel employee whom press reporter detikX met on Friday, 30 December 2022.

Intan was a commercial sex worker (PSK) online who died at the hands of her own date on May 26, 2021 She selling sex services through the MiChat short message application. Intan works individually without the help of a pimp.

The Central Jakarta Police revealed that Intan’s killer was a security guard with the initials AA, aged 20, who worked at a private bank. AA from the start planned the murder and took the victim’s valuables. He targeted three bold prostitutes he found via MiChat. But two of them failed. Unlucky diamond.

But they are far more vulnerable to the practices of derivative crimes. Because it could be that people who want to use their services are people with bad intentions.”

” This incident started with the desire to give vent to lust with the help of the MiChat application to get sex services, ” said AKBP Setyo Koes Heriyanto, who at that time was still serving as Deputy Head of Central Jakarta Police.

Almost a year later, a similar incident occurred again. This time it was located in a boarding house in the Cijoho area, Kuningan, West Java. The victim is a sex worker online

who operates daily through the MiChat application.

This murder case shocked social media in mid March 2022 The Kuningan Police at that time revealed that the victim also moved alone without the help of a pimp.

“However, many of his friends knew he was selling himself from his boarding house neighbors,” wrote Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kuningan Police, AKP Muhammad Hafid Firmansyah via short message to press reporter detikX last week.

Likewise the case of the murder of the background flower online which occurred at a hotel in Senen, Central Jakarta, last October. Victims also operate independently through the MiChat application.

” Information from old investigators and investigators is like that. So he (the victim) is also only wolf(acts alone),” said Kapolsek Senen Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat Kompol David Pratama Purba told press reporter detikX last week.

Team search detikX through the Google search engine, found at least 23 cases of murder of sex workers online during 2021-2022 The search was carried out using the Open-Source Intelligence (Osint) method with keywords: PSK online, kill, and open BO alias reserving online or reserving out

from this digital footprint , the detikX team found a pattern that was almost the same for every murder that occurred. A total of 16 cases or the majority of the killings of bold prostitutes are suspected of having economic motives. This concept can be identified from the continued actions carried out by the perpetrator after the murder occurred.

Generally, besides killing, the perpetrator robs the victim’s valuables. Starting from cellphones, money, to jewelry. Some of them even stole the victim’s bra and panties.

Apart from the economic concept, the detikX team found another similarity in the murder, namely an introduction application that used by both perpetrators and victims. A total of 13 victims knew the killer via the MiChat application, 6 via Facebook, 2 via WeChat, and the rest are unknown.

It’s no secret that the MiChat application is widely used by sex workers to sell their services. Users can easily search for sex workers via MiChat in their surroundings alias close by area

Director General of Public Information and Communication Ministry Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) Usman Kansong does not deny the existence of short message applications that contain human trafficking content such as MiChat. However, Usman admits that the authority to supervise applications like this is outside the reach of Kominfo.

” If this is private, it is indeed outside the reach of Kominfo. Because the encryption is different, we can’t get into it,” explained Usman told press reporter detikX last week.

In addition to introductory instruments, the detikX team found one similar pattern of work of the victims. Apparently most of the victims of this sex worker work person. They are not affiliated with any particular prostitution ring. This scheme was confirmed by several police sources interviewed by the detikX team.

Based on the information provided by the detikX team Collect, victims who moved independently reached 20 people from 23 cases. Meanwhile, the other three became part of a prostitution ring. All three were killed by their own pimps.

Social observer from the University of Indonesia, Devie Rahmawati, assesses the possibility of rampant killings of sex workers online Mandiri occurs because of the loss of the existing ecosystem in conventional prostitution. Such as pimps, thugs, and localization places which form a separate ‘security system’ in the prostitution business for sex workers. This condition, said Devie, makes independent online sex workers far more vulnerable to becoming victims of violence and even murder.

Even so, said Devie, the fact is, there are still many sex workers online who actually prefer to work as individuals. They are tempted by big profits. Because, by working independently, they don’t have to share their income with pimps or localization thugs who look after them.

” But they are far more vulnerable to derivative criminal practices. Because there could be people who want to using their services are people with bad intentions,” Devie said when talking to press reporter detikX last week.

Research by the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester in 2017 of 641 sex workers in England showed that the transformation of the conventional prostitution business to online made sex workers safer. In a research entitled ‘Beyond the Gaze: Summary Briefing on Internet Sex Work’, it was stated that acts of violence against sex workers decreased drastically when the prostitution business entered the digital age.

Around 80 percent said they felt much safer peddling. sex through online platforms Most sex workers admit that they have never experienced physical violence, robbery, and death threats in the 2012-2017 period Only 5-10 percent admit that they have get this kind of treatment.

One of the factors that makes bold sex workers in England much safer is the existence of an online forum for communication between sex workers. Through the online forum, they can pre-screen potential clients who want to use their services.

” The internet allows me to filter potential clients, communicate with other sex workers, and notify my last whereabouts,” said a sex worker interviewed by researchers in the study.

In Indonesia, such an online forum does not exist. Because, apart from being taboo, prostitution is prohibited by law in Indonesia. University of Indonesia criminologist Arthur Josias Simon Runturambi views that it is this eastern rule and culture that ultimately makes sex workers more vulnerable to becoming victims of violence or murder.

This is because, in general, said Josias, sex workers work in dark room’ to hide from the preconceptions of society formed by eastern culture and avoid legal entanglements.

” And finally there is a black market or roughly a silent market, and it is only now that this creates vulnerability is that,” explained Josias when contacted by press reporter detikX on Thursday, December 29, 2022.

A criminologist from Budi Luhur University, Chazizah Gusnita, said Even without being a sex worker, women are actually already in a position that is vulnerable to crime. Especially for women sex workers, which incidentally is still a prohibited occupation in Indonesia.

This situation makes the perpetrators of crimes feel that sex workers deserve violence. Because, said Chazizah, the perpetrators will think that sex workers will not dare to report to the police because they are also classified as lawbreakers.

” Even if the prostitute dares to report, or whoever reports it, this woman of course those who will get victim blaming

The community may not defend or empathize. Instead, they blame the victim,” concluded Chazizah.


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