Red Kebaya Women's Viral Video Recorded at a Hotel in Surabaya,- The viral video of the woman in the red kebaya which shocked the virtual world was apparently recorded in a hotel in Surabaya. The police have also checked the TKP where the immoral act of the woman in the red kebaya occurred.

Previously, an indecent 16-minute video went viral on social media, especially Twitter.

In the video, a woman is seen having a husband and wife relationship with a male hotel guest. Both of them wore masks, so their identities are unknown.

Later, it turned out that police officers discovered that the scene where the obscene video was made took place in a hotel on Jalan Sumatra, Gubeng, Surabaya.

Specifically, the place where the lovebirds’ bed scene took place was on the 17th floor number 10.

One of the hotel management there, BG, confirmed that the video of the immoral scene of the woman in the red kebaya wearing a mask happened on the 17th floor of the hotel number 10.

“Yes, if you look at the photos and videos, it’s true in this hotel. On the 17th floor number 10, but if it says number 1710,” said BG Saturday (5/11/2022).

He explained, in the circulating video it appears that a wallpaper behind the bed depicts a person walking on the bank of a river. ” And the wallpaper is correct in room 1710, because each room has a different wallpaper,” he said.

Apart from that the view outside the hotel also leads to room number 1710 “From the video clipthat, the outside view of the hotel is exactly the same as this room (1710),” he concluded. Netizens

Police Check the Location of the Red Kebaya Women’s Video

Meanwhile, AKP Wardi Waluyo Head of PPA Polrestabes Surabaya said that his party would now check the location where the viral video of the red kebaya woman was made.

Unfortunately, when he was about to enter the hotel room, the room was already filled with guests.

” We want to check this room, because the information is the location of the immoral video in this hotel, unfortunately the room is already filled with guests,” said AKP Wardi.

Previously, the National Police asked the East Java Regional Police and the Regional Police in Surabaya to immediately thoroughly investigate the immoral video of the red-dressed woman who went viral.

The Police immediately followed up this instruction by deploying the Cyber ​​Sub Directorate of the East Java Regional Police’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation , then the Surabaya Police sent Unit PPA Polrestabes Surabaya.

16 Minute Bed Scene Video Viral on Social Media

In In the video, you can see the female actor wearing a red kebaya is knocking on the bathroom door of a hotel. The female actor acts as if she is playing a hotel maid.

Then a man wearing a white towel opens the bathroom door, then comes out to approach the woman.

At first, the female character gave a cigarette ashtray to the man who pretended to be a hotel guest.

Then he appeared to be mopping the dirty hotel floor. The male actor tries to be seductive by touching the sensitive part of the female actor while squatting.

The male actor continues to tease and force the woman in the red kebaya to satisfy her lust. Even though he seemed to refuse, the woman is still the work of the male actor. (R8/HR Online/Jujang Editor)


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