Reich citizen raids – celebrity chef from Kitzbühel under suspicion of terrorism

A Munich luxury hotel chef in the Kitzbühel Alps and future father-in-law of an Austrian sports star is among the arrested Reichsbürger conspirators.

The dangerous coup plans in Germany flew through a nationwide raid on behalf of the Attorney General it on suspicion of a terrorist organization. The at least 25-strong group of conspirators, which at times seems bizarre but is extremely dangerous, is said to have sought its own form of government after a planned attack on the Reichstag in Berlin. With a prince as coup ringleader.

Several meetings with Reichsbürger gang ?

The chef of a luxury hotel in the According to German investigators, Alpen is said to have been involved several times with suspected met members of the Reichsbürger gang. In addition, in the new German form of government he should have fed the military arm – with an ex-paratrooper as “homeland security company” chief – of the putschists who were prevented in canteens.
Christoph Budin

In addition, the celebrity chef (the presumption of innocence applies to him), among other things, food, kitchen utensils, an emergency generator and a mobile home for funded his comrades-in-arms in the squad. The investigations continue at full speed.

Christoph Budin

Der Promi-Koch eines Kitzbühler Luxusressorts und Bald-Schwiegervater eines heimischen Sportstars soll an den Putsch-Plänen - das Bild zeigt den Einsatz in Deutschland - beteiligt sein. (Bild: APA/AFP/NEWS5/Fricke)

Christoph Budin

Christoph Budin


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