Residents vent about earthquake at Wirdum: 'I found it very scary'

October 9, 22:17 – 3 minutes reading time

Chatting in Loppersum about the quake at Wirdum © Eva Hulscher/RTV Noord

At a long table in hotel Spoorzicht looking for such a twenty-five people gathered together on Sunday afternoon after the earthquake in Wirdum. ‘I really thought the house was lifted like that and put down a meter away. I felt that.’

These are the words of Ciska van Aken, board member of the Groninger Soil Movement (GBB). She herself felt how the bottom trembled with a strength of 3.1 on the Richter scale during the night from Friday to Saturday. This should be discussed, the organization decided pass away stands up for the interests of residents of the gas extraction area. Chairman Coert Fossen: ‘Such a blow triggers all kinds of things in people and then there is a need to talk about it. Otherwise everyone is locked in themselves.’

Major tremor

GBB-bestuurslid Ciska van Aken vond 'Wirdum' eng At the table it turns out the tremor has been felt everywhere; he was simply unmissable. A resident of Appingedam explains: ‘If you are at the epicenter, the blow comes from below and I clearly went up. It shook quite a bit, one short blow and it was over.’

Van Aken himself felt the quake coming at home in Loppersum. “He rolled over and then bam.”

GBB-bestuurslid Ciska van Aken vond 'Wirdum' engNapraten in Loppersum over de beving bij Wirdum

GBB board member Ciska van Aken found ‘Wirdum’ scary © Eva Hulscher/RTV Noord

Frustrations pile up

Anyway it goes not long over the heaviest quake of this year. Frustrations soon surface: about the fact that the tremors are still not decreasing in number and strength and that in their view damage is unjustifiably not being reimbursed.

We had thirty damages. But they all had a different cause. All rejected

A present in Loppersum

A woman says: ‘We just moved in and had about thirty damages. But they all had a different cause. Everything was rejected.’

That stings all the more when she reads on the engineer’s LinkedIn page what his employer aims to do: ‘That they made it a top priority to make it financially beneficial for the client. policy. In other words: we ensure that you have to pay as little as possible.’

Napraten in Loppersum over de beving bij Wirdum
The attendees all experience frustration
© Eva Hulscher/RTV Noord
Anxious and angry
If they are scared , director Van Aken wants to know. Not afraid, but it is exciting, says someone whose house is not in the best condition according to the reports.

You don’t feel safe, but they don’t give a fuck

A present in Loppersum

‘ You feel not safe but they don’t give a shit. There’s no one to help you, so that feeling I have won’t go away either.’

Reinforcing is just as difficult as getting reimbursed for damage, they notice in each other’s stories. Some would rather give up and move to Drenthe. ‘I prefer to get rid of it all.’

Parliamentary Inquiry

That the earth just before the start of the Last week of interrogation of the parliamentary inquiry trembled again, may have a result in The Hague, thinks GBB chairman Coert Fossen.

‘ I think It is very symbolic that it fell this weekend. So I actually hope that the pass away last week puts pressure on the interrogations. That the parliamentary committee of inquiry really realizes that: damn, here was another one, and dear Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Wiebes and who are all coming: this is still happening horses and what have you already done pass away time?’

Visit Vijlbrief

While the interrogations continue in The Hague on Monday, State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief of Mining comes to Groningen to fulfill to speak to the mayor and aldermen of the municipality of Eemsdelta. He also meets victims and speaks with the King’s Commissioner René Paas.

Vijlbrief wished all Groningen residents a lot on Saturday after the earthquake through Twitter strength. He also wrote to do everything he could ‘to close the Groningen field as soon as possible’.

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