Roberto Pires is unanimously re-elected to the presidency of FIETO for the 2024/2028 term

The representatives of the twelve employers’ unions affiliated to the Federation of Industries of the State of Tocantins(FIETO) confirmed this Tuesday, 04/25, in an election with unanimous results held at the institution’s headquarters in Palmas, the reappointment of the current president, businessman Roberto Pires, for his 4th term. The current mandate ends in March 2024.

At the helm of the Federation, Pires expanded its installed capacity and service to the industry by opening 6 new schools (3 in Civil Construction – – Palmas, Araguaína and Gurupi, 1 Education and Technology Center– Palmas and 2 Professional Training Centers– Taquaralto and Paraíso) and 1 new unit (SESI Esporte– Palmas). For the new management, the priorities will be investments in the area of ​​education.

” The reappointment shows that our work is aligned with the commercial base of our state represented by the 12 unions that gave another vote of confidence. Our plan is to continue working to complete important deliveries such as the modern SESI schools in Palmas, Araguaína and Gurupi, which add to the legacy of commercial development that this elected board seeks to build in this state”, said president Roberto Pires .

At the age of 56, Roberto Magno Martins Pires is a businessman with businesses in the segments of civil construction, real estate, hotels, agriculture and car dealerships. He was president of the Union of Civil Construction Industries of the State of Tocantins (SINDUSCON/TO) in 2 terms and, from October 2009, Roberto Pires assumed the presidency of the Federation of Industries of the State of Tocantins (FIETO).

He was unanimously elected president of FIETO for four terms (quadrennials 2012/2016, 2016/2020, 2020/2024 and 2024/2028). He is chairman of the Board of SENAI / TO, Regional director of SESI / TO and director of the Regional Nucleus of IEL / TO. He is a director and member of the Council of Representatives of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). In 2022, he was elected president of Ação Pró-Amazônia, an association that brings together the 9 member states of the Legal Amazon.

Check out the composition of the elected board:


President: Roberto Magno Martins Pires

Executive Vice-President: Bartolomé Alba Garcia

Executive Vice-President: Carlos Augusto Suzana

Executive Vice-President: Carlos Wagno Milhomem

Executive Vice-President: Emilson Vieira Santos

Executive Vice-President: Esequiel de Sousa Milhomem

Executive Vice-President: Gliner de Souza Borges

Executive Vice-President: Maria Elieth José Antônio Lobo

Executive Vice-President: Mário de Castro Pillar

Executive Vice-President: Oswaldo Stival Junior

Executive Vice President: Tiago Arruda Ferreira

First Secretary: Charles Alberto Elias

Second Secretary: Claudizete Carneiro Santos

First Treasurer: Walter Atta Rodrigues Bittencourt Júnior

Second Treasurer: Geová Pereira de Mendonça

Alternate Board Member: Cabral Santos Gonçalves

Alternate Board Member: Cícero Bento da Silva

Alternate Board Member: Diego Teodoro Carvalho Alba Garcia

Alternate Board Member: Rômulo Mota Xavier de Oliveira

Alternate Board Member: Gilberto Vieira Fernandes

Alternate Board Member: Jacques José de Barros

Alternate Board Member: José Febrônio da Silva

Alternate Board Member: Luciano de Carvalho Rocha

Alternate Board Member: Luiz Carlos Alves de Oliveira

Deputy Board Member: Wilmar Oliveira de Bastos


Effective: Cícero Bento da Silva

Effective: Diego Teodoro Carvalho Alba Garcia

Effective: Walter Atta Rodrigues Bittencourt Junior

Alternate: José de Souza Vasque

Alternate: Luciano de Carvalho Rocha

Alternate: Cristiano Fantine Rezende



Effective: Roberto Magno Martins Pires

Effective: Sérgio Carlos Ferreira Tavares

Alternate: Carlos Augusto Suzana

Alternate: Charles Alberto Elias


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