Roman baths will open in Brusno during the summer. Hotel Kamila will be renamed Brusnianka

The Ďumbier mineral well in Brusno is also undergoing reconstruction.

BRUSNO: Extended services not only for our own clients, but also for the public, will be brought to the new premises of the Spa Brusno in the district of Banská Bystrica at the beginning of summer. During the pandemic, they started building Roman baths there, which will bring several pools, including a 25-meter-long one, and a sauna world with nine saunas. General director of the spa, Pavlína Filipi, stated this for TASR. “The sauna world is already finished, swimming pools should be added in July, which will make the spa ready for opening,” she said. The capacity of the new complex should reach up to 1,000 places.

)Czechs bought a spa in bankruptcy

The spa, which three years ago bought the Czech Lázně Darkov in bankruptcy, is also renovating the original Kamila hotel, which it renamed Brusnianka. 170 new beds should be created there. In addition, the Ďumbier mineral well is also under reconstruction. The management of the spa is also working to obtain the respiratory spa indication after winning the oncology indications last year. For this reason, they had a measuring station installed on the premises. According to Filipi, the first results show that the atmosphere there is comparable to that in Vyšné Hág in the Tatras. As she further stated, the previous pandemic years were difficult for Spa Brusno, similarly to most Slovak spas. After they were bought by Lázně Darkov, they also had to cope with a lot of paper bureaucracy and win back a place on the market.Purchase of land In the meantime, they bought land from the village of Brusno so that they could complete the planned Roman baths. According to the general director, the construction of this part of the spa will cost between 7 and 10 million euros, according to the prices of the materials that will be used for this project. As for the clientele, Filipi believes that, although the present does not indicate it, payments from insurance companies for those who need it will have to increase. “Competent people must understand that the Slovak spa industry is a strategic product not only for clients from abroad, but also for its own citizens,” she reminded.

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