Rome, two Belgian tourists killed by a pirate while rescuing three injured in an accident

by Rinaldo Frignani

The two Belgian girls, aged 25, were you have recently arrived in Rome and were going to the hotel with an NCC vehicle. Investigations on a suspect arrested on Sunday afternoon. Mourning on social media, dozens of messages. Centaur dead in Civitavecchia

They had just arrived in Rome, they were moving on an NCC car to get to the hotel when they witnessed a road accident. Jessy Dewildeman and Wibe Bijls, both 25 years old, originally from Menen, in Flanders at the restrict with France, and employed in the restaurant business, had come to the capital to spend a holiday together but they were overwhelmed and killed last Saturday evening on the A / 24 link road towards Rome, at Tor Cervara, by a motorist who then did not stop to help them. More blood on the streets, after the death of three twenty-year-olds in the last month. On Sunday evening, however, a suspect was identified and taken to the office for investigation.

The two young women got out of their car together with the driver to help the people involved in the first accident. Suddenly, however, the other vehicle would have arrived and hit them in full, throwing them meters away. Also severely injured were two motorists who had crashed before , aged 40 and 45 years old, hospitalized in red code at the Policlinico Umberto I, while a woman ended up in yellow code at San Giovanni. Firefighters and ambulances from Ares 118 were also on site, while the Polstrada closed the carriageway towards the center to traffic. The video surveillance images are being examined to reconstruct what happened.

Dozens of messages of condolence on social media in Belgium to remember the two girls, who had left a few days ago for their Italian vacation. The investigator is also carrying out investigations on the NCC which was hired by the 25 year olds, who was heard as a direct witness of the accident in which the young girls lost their lives. The tragedy shortly after 10 pm, with the busy road like every Saturday evening. The news of the death of the two tourists was confirmed only late yesterday evening. The town of origin of the two girls is in mourning, almost on the border with France. The social networks are full of messages of condolence , but also of partial reconstructions of what happened since the Belgian media only confirm the news of the death of the 25-year-olds in an accident near Rome. But the story is much more complex. The relatives and friends of the young victims are upset, remembering their smiles and the ability to group with colleagues.

And always on Saturday another victim but in Civitavecchia. A 48-year-old motorcyclist, Marco Rossetti, lost his life in a car accident that occurred in the center of the coastal town on which the police are now investigating. It is not clear whether in the fatal fall for the centaur there is the involvement of another vehicle Rossetti worked for the city services. According to a reconstruction of the investigator, the motorcyclist had spent the evening with some friends when for reasons under investigation he lost control of his Ducati and ended up against some cars parked on the side of the road.

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October 9, 2022 (change October 10, 2022 | 10: 57)



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