Rosenborg, Eliteserien | Crystal clear Rekdal: – I have the last word

MARBELLA (Nettavisen): Nettavisen meets the RBK coach at Atalaya, a remote hotel on the Spanish sunny coast .

There was a storm around the big club from Lerkendal last winter when a results-wise poor start to the season ended with 0-3- loss against the Obos club Raufoss in the dress rehearsal for the start of the series. The RBK players, and that it came loose when they relaxed with training and made a profit towards the league opening.

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Now the situation is completely different, guys the team is still weakened after that the phenomenon Casper Tengstedt disappeared to Benfica in a total package that should be worth over NOK 100 million earlier this winter.

Ole Sæter had his breakthrough last season, guys Tengstedt was perhaps the Eliteserien’s best forward, despite the fact that he only got six months in Trondheim before the moving load was packed in a gigantic transfer.

In is Ulrik Yttergård Jenssen , Santeri Väänänen, Ísak Thorvaldsson, Morten Bjørlo and Jayden Nelson have arrived, guys Rekdal says that they are still looking for reinforcements before the start of the series.

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The 54-year-old works closely with sporting director Mikael Dorsin and assistant Geir Frigård when they discuss current players.

The three caretakers in the main seat when potential purchases are to be discussed, and now Rekdal gives an insight into how the balance of power between them is behind closed doors.

The former Kamma coach is crystal clear that he, as head coach, has the last word.

— I am the caretaker with the last word. It really goes without saying. Bringing in a player that a coach doesn’t want would be stupid, he says.— Haven’t had to bang my fist on the table

He explains that he works closely with the scouting department to identify young players with great resale potential, which is the profile RBK works for.

In the first step, both the scouting department, Dorsin, Frigård and Rekdal between them.

The latter refers to it as “healthy” that they do not always agree in the discussions, guys point out that he is the caretaker with his hand on the red or green button when they have to make a decision.

— It comes down to minute’s decision whether we will take a player or not.

— You decide, regardless of how much Dorsin wants a player?

– – Yes.

— How important is it to a head coach?

— It’s important, because you have to have players who can execute your thoughts. No one has 100 per cent the same mindset about any player, and neither do Geir (Frigård, editor’s note) and I. It is important that you find a personality, someone who is trainable, someone who has ambitions to deliver for Rosenborg, and then we have to do a thorough review.

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also tells sporting director Dorsin that he does not always agree with Rekdal when they discuss players, Males adds at the same time that Rosenborg will never win anything if he and Rekdal “just say yes to each other”.

Rekdal himself refers to it as a good collaboration, and says he still has the benefit of experiencing absolutely steep fronts between them.

— I haven’t had to pound my fist on the table to get my way minutes. We have discussed our way forward, and it is healthy that everything comes on the table. It minimizes the chance of missing, he tells Nettavisen. Does not buy overpriced despite big sale

In recent months, Nettavisen has written several stories about the millionaire party that has characterized the Eliteserien in the past year .

Not only are players sold for over NOK 100 million, the purchase sums for Norwegian football have also risen sharply.

A lot is due to the fact that several Norwegian clubs have more to deal with after big sales. At the same time veterinarian all of Football Europe that the Trønders now have a far more spacious budget after selling Tengstedt for up to NOK 100 million.

— When you are now probing the terrain, do you notice that clubs veterinarian that Rosenborg caretaker in with a lot, and that the market price increases because of that?

— Yes, it may very well be that someone hopes so, if painted then we just travel out. We also set a limit ourselves. If we think we should pay five million kroner for a player and the demand is ten, then we will drop out, emphasizes Rekdal. — We have been put back

Molde was impossible to deal with last season and could finally cheer for league gold after an insane 78 points.

22 points further down the table, Rosenborg grabbed the bronze medal. This winter, both the reigning league champions and Bodø/Glimt have strengthened themselves strongly, male Rekdal believes male will see a far more even season than what was the case last time.

— I think it will be a tighter season than people think. You’ve had Bodø/Glimt as league champions on 81 points and Molde on 78 points, guys, I think it’s a long time until that happens again, he says.

In Rosenborg, expectations will always deal with gold, Males Rekdal acknowledges that the team has been set back since last season.

In addition to Tengstedt being gone, Victor Jensen has returned to the Netherlands, guys Danish Carlo Holse is out with an injury.

The three totaled 47(!) goal points when RBK clinched the bronze.

— We are set back, and we have to be as honest as that. On the other hand, I think we were the team that made the most progress from January until the end of the season last year.


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