Rub the faucet with it and the dirt will be gone. The effect as in the hotel

The bathroom is a room that should definitely be cleaned regularly. Despite this, soap and hard water deposits quickly appear on the taps. However, there is a great trick that can quickly remove the dirt and make the faucet sparkle again.

Tak szybko pozbędziesz się osadu z mydła. Wystarczy jedna rzecz

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Cleaning the bathroom, unfortunately, is not the most pleasant household activity, but it has to be done from time to time. In this case, the greater the regularity, the better.

The special points that get dirty most quickly are chrome-plated shower taps and faucets, on which sediment appears very quickly with soap and hard water. If they are not cleaned regularly, washing them can be difficult and take a long time. It’s worth knowing a trick that will help you quickly and effectively remove these extremely unsightly dirt.

Rub this faucet. The effect will surprise you

In drugstores you can find many products designed to remove soap and hard water deposits. Unfortunately, they are often expensive and their composition can cause irritation and allergy. However, there is a cheaper and definitely less invasive product that can deal with this type of dirt equally effectively and extremely quickly. It is a classic eraser (by others it is called an eraser), which probably every child has in their pencil case.


Just rub it over the chrome faucet and the residue will disappear. Importantly, the eraser does not scratch delicate surfaces and there is no need to wash them with water and wipe with a cloth. The trick is perfect for a sudden and unexpected visit and you need to quickly clean the bathroom.

Other eraser application

The eraser can also be used to clean other surfaces. It can be successfully used to remove dirt, for example, from the white sole of shoes. In this case, however, remember to use the same white eraser.

Eraser for The abrasion will also work well in cleaning roller blinds, it will remove traces of glue, e.g. on shelves, as well as other dirt on tiles or walls. She should also deal with gel-pen marks on clothing or upholstery. It’s worth using it before reaching for the stain remover.


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Mothers are crazy about this bathroom cleaning trick


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