Sarajevo – overnight stay with breakfast and sauna for two for 46 euros

Monday (08: 30)

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Sarajevo– overnight stay with breakfast and sauna for two for 46 euros

The offer includes 1 night with breakfast and Bosnian coffee for two at hotel Aziza 4 *, 2 hours of sauna use for two. Expiry date: 30.6.2023 The hotel is 5 minutes away from Baščaršija You can buy several offers in your name, combine them and extend your stay. There is currently a 54% discount, so the price is 46 euros or HRK 348. See more details here

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Today (08:30)

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Plucking of eyebrows and earlobes with thread eyebrow coloring for 9 euros )

The offer includes plucking of eyebrows and earlobes with thread along with eyebrow coloring in OzonM in Savska. Threading– plucking eyebrows with thread is an ancient method of hair removal. Threading removes eyebrows with one clean line and plucks all hairs at once, making it much faster and easier to shape eyebrows. During threading, a special thread made of 100% cotton and silk is used, which has an antibacterial film Expiry date: February 6, 2023 The offer is at 43% and costs HRK 69 or approx. 9 euros. See more details here

Yesterday (09:30)

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Wellness vacation in Oroslavje with half board for two from 100 euros

  • The offer includes 1 or more nights with half board (breakfast is a buffet ) for 2 people 2 children up to the age of 4.99 in a basic double room in the hotel Zagi 3 in Oroslavje and full-day tickets for adults to the swimming pools in Terme Jezerčica or the swimming pools and saunas in the Stubički toplice located in the hotel Matija Gubec or to the water park Aqua Vivae in Krapinske Toplice (optional). You can choose half board for two people in the duration:
  • 1 night for HRK 745.92 2 nights for HRK 1,356.21
  • 3 nights for HRK 1,996.64

  • 4 nights for HRK 2,712.42
  • 5 nights for HRK 3,239.84

  • 6 nights for HRK 3,804.92

    Expiry date: 31.1.2023 More details at Offers of the day

    Day before yesterday (09:30)

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    PUNAT– enjoy the luxurious hotel Kanajt 4 with breakfast and health for two for 86 euros

    hotel Kanajt is a small family hotel, a former bishop’s summer residence, and is located in the immediate vicinity of Marina Punat, about a hundred meters from the sea. The offer includes:

  • 1 night with a large buffet breakfast for 2 people in a Standard room with with a view of the park or Superior room with a view of the sea (difference 40 kuna– 86 i.e. 91 euro)

  • use of wellness for 2 hours per day and per person: 4 saunas, jacuzzi, hot benches, shower experience and unwind zone use of the physical fitness center

    Use in term: 1.1.- – 24.3.2023 See more details here

    Wednesday (09: 30)

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    Weekend ski school at a private ski resort trail on Sljemen for children and adults for 65 euros

    The offer includes:
  • ski school for 2 days (weekend) for children and adult beginners (groups are separated)
  • ski equipment rental (ski helmet for everyone under 18 yr., skis, jackets and poles for advanced participants), and the participant must have his own ski suit and ski gloves
  • use of the school cable car, all for 1 person organized by the Sport4you school

    Dates include every weekend from 14.1. until 12.3.2023 See more details here

    29122022 (09: 30)

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    Wellness package for two for HRK 369

    If you didn’t get to rest for the holidays, here’s your chance. The offer includes a health package for two in the Aquathermal Wellness Center. In this, you get a body massage and chromotherapy in an infrared sauna, both lasting 60 minutes. It means 2 hours of hard chilling to reset to factory settings. Don’t screw yourself up like I did and arrange a drink in the city later, because after this you’ll just want to snuggle up and sleep like a righteous man. Expiration date: January 21, 2023 The offer is at a 39% discount and costs HRK 369. See more details here

    28122022 (13: 30)

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    Complete gynecological examination for HRK 349

    Offer includes a gynecological examination, pap smear and ultrasound with color doppler as indicated in the “Dr. Zora Profozić” Polyclinic. Polyclinic users’ ratings are excellent, so the examination should be as pleasant as possible. Expiry date: 3/2/2023 Do it if you haven’t recently, so you’re safe until sometime in 2024. See more details at Offers of the day

    27122022 (09: 30)

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    Chemical cleaning of the interior of the vehicle for HRK 349

    Chemical cleaning of the interior in Optima Clean includes cleaning of seats, upholstered parts of doors, upholstered and rubber carpets, trunk, wiping, disinfection and polishing of plastic parts of the vehicle. The cleaning and drying process takes about 6 hours, and is done at Kajzerica. Expiry date: 30.1.2023 The offer is at a 46% discount and costs HRK 349. See more details


    24122022 (09: 30)

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    Medical pedicure and permanent varnish for HRK 129

    The offer

    includes a medical pedicure and permanent nail polish in Beauty salon Colette in Martićeva. For 1.5 you have new feet. If you’re wondering what my beautiful feet will do in winter– saunas and hot pools Expiry date: 1/23/2023 The offer is 48% off and costs HRK 129. More details at Offers of the day

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