Scandal in Halkidiki: Hotel owner installed hidden cameras in rooms and filmed guests, tourists outraged

There was a real uproar among tourists after it was discovered that the owner of a hotel in Halkidiki, Greece, had installed cameras in the hotel rooms.

According to the Greek media, the owner of a hotel in Halkidiki installed hidden cameras in the rooms and illegally monitored and recorded the private moments of his guests.

Investigation by the Greek police was launched after a report by a young couple, who at the end of September 2022 found a camera in the room where they spent the night.

As reported by the police, during the investigation it was established that the 34- year, the hotel owner filmed and followed 27 people, the vast majority of whom are Greek and foreign tourists, of whom 13 have been identified.

Greece Halkidiki Photo: Shutterstock

A complaint has been filed against the owner, which will be forwarded to the Halkidiki first-instance prosecutor’s office, for violating the law on personal data and the privacy of telephone communication and oral conversations.

As stated in the same announcement, during the search of the premises of the tourist accommodation, six “hidden” cameras, simulating chargers for mobile phones, eight memory cards, a recorder for external closed circuit monitoring, a unit for digital data storage were found and portable electronic computer, tablet device and mobile phone, the new site

The father of a four-year-old boy spoke to the media and described what he experienced in a hotel last summer with his family, as well as the thoughts that went through his head when he discovered the camera .

„Our personal life, and especially our child, are also affected. We were changing diapers, he was naked for too many hours in the room and it was not at all pleasant to know that someone recorded this and could use it anywhere on the Internet,” says the child’s father.

In the bedside table next to their bed, a black device, which looks like on a mobile phone charger with a USB port, he recorded their private moments in the room they were staying in Afito Halkidiki.

“It looked like some kind of phone charger with a USB port. It was recording us while we were in the room. I don’t know what kind of camera is in that miracle, nor what kind of shots it could take and from which angles. I think it could have filmed the whole room from that little table,” says the father.

A total of 6 hidden cameras were discovered in the hotel rooms that recorded images and sound.

“I remember telling my wife not to charge her phone on to that miracle because we had our chargers, and that it had a USB socket in the wall, so we didn’t even touch that black miracle. “Only now do I know that there was a camera there,” he states.

According to this father, his impressions of the accommodation were excellent in the beginning, and in fact he himself congratulated the hotelier who is now accused.

“It was at the level of a five-star family hotel. It had a safe inside, a coffee machine, air conditioning, a nice bathroom. It was very good and the owner we met gave he gave us some discounts for a cafe in the center of the village. I personally congratulated him, because I was delighted with the work he did and everything was at a very reasonable price,” he said.

The former worker was the first to report the case

Greek media reports that the police first learned about this case when the owner was reported by a former employee.

Namely, she was staying with her boyfriend in one of the rooms. The owner of the accommodation offered her a room for free, to thank her for a successful season at the bar. sockets in the room and realized it was a hidden camera. The device, which the couple told the police, was turned on and constantly recorded the image and sound of their movements.

They left the room and went to the police station in Solon with a hidden camera. which they found and reported everything.

So far, several people have come forward who suspect that they were filmed in their rooms, and it is believed that there will be more.


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