Secret betrayed: Jungle camp star breaks down crying in the hotel

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    The jungle camp hasn’t even started yet, and a “I’m a star – get me out of here!” candidate is already on edge .Jolina Mennen breaks down crying in her hotel room – because of a secret.

    Murwillumbah, Australia – The new season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” hasn’t really started yet, and the participant Jolina Mennen (30) already has a pass away nerves blank. The YouTuber breaks down crying in her hotel room.

    IBES candidate breaks down crying together in their hotel room

    In just a few days the time has finally come: The jungle camp starts again. Except for actor Martin Semmelrogge, who was apparently refused entry , all of this year’s jungle camp candidates have already entered Australia arrived.

    The jungle camp hasn’t even started yet, there are already a ” I’m a star – get me out of here!” – Candidate with nerves bare. Jolina Mennen breaks down crying in her hotel room © Instagram: jolinamennen & & RTL

    Reported from her hotel room herself as a transgender influencer with a highly emotional Instagram story. She sits crying in front of her bed on the floor of the hotel room. But what happened? Apparently, Jolina Mennen suffers from a phobia, but she told the production team of ” I’m a Star – Get me get out of here!” didn’t say anything. “Some prankster told the production about this and I just got asked about it, even though I wanted to keep it a secret.”

    Jungle camp participant Jolina Mennen has “irrational phobia”

    Too much for the 30-year-old, but even now she doesn’t want to reveal exactly what she’s so afraid of . “I have a completely irrational phobia,” she simply explains. Phobias are traditionally catered for in the jungle camp. All sorts of animals, nerve-wracking jungle tests, height, water, narrowness – there’s something for everyone.

    Is the “jungle camp” really filmed in the jungle?

    Since the first jungle camp episode flickered across the screens on January 9, 2004, the broadcaster has often been accused of not filming the format in a real jungle will. Although it does appear on television that the belligerent celebrities are sitting in the shade of palm trees, dozens of kilometers from civilization, it’s not quite that extreme. Because “I’m a Celebrity” is filmed on a farm near the town of Murwillumbah, which is in the Australian region of New South Wales. There are also international versions of the show, such as the British “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me.” Out of Here!”, use the site. It is also not the deepest jungle, but neither is a TV set with artificial trees.

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    Maybe Jolina will decide to share her fears after all. Be it her more than 218,000 followers on Instagram, or the other IBES- Candidates in the jungle camp Male can remain curious.

    IBES candidate Gigi Birofio takes the preparation for the jungle camp

    particularly seriously so that he is in a disgusting food test can no longer shock, he has tasted his own sperm beforehand. Sources used:

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