Sex Workers in Amsterdam Fight, They Don't Want to Be Disciplined

Amsterdam – The sex workers in the Red Light District of Amsterdam are fighting the efforts of the city government to try to control it. Previously, the city government of Amsterdam tried to improve the city’s image and increase the comfort of tourists by trying to eliminate sex tourism in the De Wallen area. The De Wallen area has been known as the Red Light District, where prostitution is legal. The sex worker girls there casually flaunt themselves in the glass ‘aquarium’. They preen while waiting for the arrival of momentary pleasure seekers who are on vacation. The city government of Amsterdam has also taken several policies, such as imposing an earlier closing time for brothels there, to asking brothel entrepreneurs to close their curtains, so that the sex workers who are peddling themselves are not seen by tourists. Of course this policy was strongly protested by the sex workers who worked in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. According to them, the policy is tantamount to ‘killing’ them. “How can I attract clients with the curtains drawn? They say it’s for protection, but that doesn’t make sense,” protested Lucy, one of the sex workers at De Wallen, as quoted by the Telegraph, Tuesday (24/1/2023). “If someone talks down to me, I will put them down back. This is not an automatic service that I negotiated. If drunk people come over, I don’t let them in,” said Lucy. In the proposal put forward by the Dutch Social Liberal party D66, the brothels in De Wallen were asked to close their curtains. Instead, mashers who wish to use the services of prostitutes are asked to scan the QR Code, rather than having to negotiate directly with the prostitutes behind a glass aquarium. According to Lucy, prostitutes do not like such a system. Working behind a glass aquarium, they say, is safer and more independent. “You don’t need to reply to e-mails. You don’t need to pay for advertisements on online sites. You just have to register with the Chamber of Commerce, buy a set of underwear and a box of condoms, then you can work,” explained Lucy. Watch the video “Complen, Trying to Work on Making Traditional Wooden Shoes, the Netherlands”[Gambas: 20 second video](wsw/wsw)

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