SHE PRESCRIBED HIM A HOTEL AND A 4 FLOOR HOUSE! The singer hit out at her colleagues – “They live to be 70 years old and don't have an apartment! I would kill myself”

Nela Bijanić can boast of a decades-long career thanks to which she acquired a hotel and a huge house.

Source: Instagram/nelabijanicc _ official/printscreen

Singer Nela Bijanić, who once revealed that she never allowed that the guests put tips in her chest during the performance, and that at one time she left one of her performances because of this, she acquired a hotel and a four-story building with hard work, which she transferred to her heir Oliver Mijanović.

” I grunted. for all that, I wanted to create. I worked extremely hard, I’ve been singing since I was fifteen, but I was smart. I’m sorry that some colleagues live to be 60 or 70 years old and don’t have their own apartment. I would kill myself! I’m not asking that be quiet, but make money for yourself,” explained Nela.

While the corona virus pandemic stopped many pop stars, Nela provided herself with a comfortable life that she can afford even if her work stops – “She has to is thinking ahead, for two years we did not work at all. A golden carriage passes by us, if you take the gold from it, you have taken it. So a carriage doesn’t pass by every day! I gained, of course, but I also lost a lot,” admitted the singer, who does not hide her pride for everything she managed to provide for her heir.

” Both my ex-husband and I copied everything for my son. Of course, that was all acquired while we were married. Well, we fought for our child, a gift was prescribed for him,” she revealed to “Grand”.

Nela Bijanić, who recently opened the door of her home and showed the luxury she lives in with her son, she also revealed in one show that she caught her ex-husband with another woman – “I divorced because of fraud. It’s not normal for someone, but I don’t get over it… I knew and kept silent. I let him go as far as he could go. I was on the top floor and he was downstairs. Dad told me that he couldn’t get in through the door, and I immediately said that there must be someone down there, but my dad didn’t believe it. I heard that he was talking to someone, I was waiting outside the house for him to come out. He went out with a girl, much younger than him. I told her never to come to the house where I live. I don’t like scams, I’m not from that story. At that moment I finished everything. He will forever remain the father of my child, that’s why we are now in a correct relationship”.


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