Should hotels be allowed a 'conscience clause' for unmarried couples? There's a poll

The ultra-conservative organization Ordo Iuris published a guide a few weeks ago, in which it indicates in which situations the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion can be invoked. The guide also includes tips for entrepreneurs , e.g. restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Guide “Freedom of speech, conscience and confessions in the workplace” prepared by the founder of Ordo Iuris adw. Jerzy Kwasniewski and adv. Magdalena Majkowska.

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The publication reads, among others, that “a bookstore may refuse to distribute a book containing content that it does not want to promote”, “a restaurateur providing wedding rooms may refuse to rent premises for a same-sex couple who want organize your wedding there” and “ hotel may refuse to rent rooms with double beds to unmarried couples”.

The last of these issues aroused the most controversy, hence the large number of publications about the guide.

Watch video CIA prisoners tortured in Poland? “We probably made a mistake. Bush may have been manipulated” [piece of the “Kwaśniewski Story” podcast] Survey: respondents against the “conscience clause” for hoteliers

In a study by the Ariadna National Research Panel for Wirtualna Polska, users were asked “whether a hotel should have the right to refuse to rent a room with a large double bed to two unmarried adults”.

The answer “definitely not” was given by 67 percent. survey participants, “probably not” – 14 percent. respondents (5 percent each for “definitely yes” and “rather yes”).

9 percent had no opinion on this matter. surveyed.

The study for Wirtualna Polska was conducted by the Ariadna National Research Panel on on January 27-30 using the CAWI method (computer-assisted interview using a website) on a sample of 1083 adults.

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