Sign of the Times: Soul Community Planet Succeeds by Specializing in Holistic Hospitality

A popular indication of the age of sustainable accommodations is the success of Soul Community Planet (SCP), a hotelier that focuses on ecological duty, together with health and social stewardship. Ken Cruse, co-founder and ceo, and Pam Cruse, co-founder and chief marketing officer, lead the business, which presently owns and runs 9 hotels: 3 in California, 3 in Oregon, and 3 in Colorado, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, respectively. “We’ve both remained in the market for a very long time, and we saw numerous good ideas that are being done by a lot of terrific business. We likewise saw a growing requirement that was not being fulfilled. Which is serving eco-conscious customers,” discussed Ken in discussion with LODGING at ALIS2023 “So, our brand name is oriented around the worths of healthy, kind, and green.” Ken and Pam likewise define these core worths as “soul, neighborhood, and world.” “Soul suggests looking after our visitors, neighborhood is the social excellent, and world is the concentrate on regenerative travel,” she stated. Pam likewise indicated numerous current turning points SCP has actually reached in the “world” location, consisting of attaining company-wide Net Zero Waste for 2022, making a brand-new EarthCheck standard, and releasing the Pristine Playa program on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Achieving Net Zero

Last year, SCP attained net unfavorable waste of around 1.5 pounds per occupied space throughout its portfolio, creating an approximated one pound of garbage dump waste per occupied space (less than half of the approximated market average) and an approximated 2.5 pounds of waste healing and carbon sequestration per occupied space. “Thanks to the SCP group’s focus and effort, all of our hotels have actually carried out determined minimize, recycle, recycle programs,” Ken stated in a press declaration. “Accounting for offsets, such as carbon sequestered by the trees and kelp we plant and ocean waste we recuperate through programs like Pristine Makai in Hawaii– and now Pristine Playa in Costa Rica– we are presently surpassing our Net Zero Waste goal. That stated, our supreme objective is to accomplish practically absolutely no strong waste per visitor stay independent of carbon and waste-recovery offsets. This is a lofty however obtainable objective, as many strong waste produced by hotels is unneeded food waste and product packaging.”


SCP Redmond has actually accomplished Bronze Benchmarked acknowledgment through EarthCheck, a leading company advisory group focusing on sustainability and location management for the travel and tourist market. EarthCheck has actually now determined both SCP Redmond and SCP Hilo as local leaders in energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and neighborhood contributions. The accreditation is carried out in 2 stages: Benchmarking, the quantitative assessment of a residential or commercial property’s ecological and social efficiency; and Certification, the confirmation of those requirements by an authorized third-party EarthCheck Auditor. SCP Redmond and SCP Hilo are anticipated to attain Silver Certified status in 2023.

Pristine Playa

SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge’s brand-new Pristine Playa program, performed in collaboration with Fundación Corcovado, intends to keep the nearby Corcovado National Park without ocean waste. “Unfortunately, Corcovado National Park– which homes 3 percent of the world’s biodiversity, and which the National Geographic Society specified as the most biologically extreme location on the planet– just does not have the resources to carry out routine waste clean-ups,” Ken described. Part of SCP’s Every Stay Does Good program, the Pristine Playa program is anticipated to recuperate more ocean waste from the coasts of Corcovado National Park than will be created by the currently waste-efficient SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge. The program will likewise supply earnings for locals of the financially challenged Osa neighborhood.

At ALIS 2023, Ken talked about the feedback SCP is getting on its method to hospitality. “We’re getting a growing number of folks coming near us, stating, ‘Hey, we enjoy what you’re doing,'” he stated. “So that’s a fantastic recognition and provides us a sense of wind in our sails as we continue to grow the brand name.”


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