Silva Mountain project in Mittenwald: Investor reacts to rumours

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    By: Christof Schnürer

    Die Animation des Silva-Mountain-Resorts in Mittenwald
    This is how it should look like: But so far no stone has stood on Silva Mountain. © Animation: Rizzani de Eccher, ATIproject, (Pisa)

    The longer the eerie calm reigns in the coffee field, the faster rumors sprout in Mittenwald about the Silva Mountain project.

    Mittenwald– Anyone who announces the official start of construction on their 1.8-hectare property in April 2020 , but two and a half years later there is still no brick on top of the other, which makes the hotel-damaged people in Mittenwald suspicious. The rumor about the flop goes around quickly

    Why would Regina Hornsteiner (CSU ) recently found out something about the situation at Latscheneck. It has indeed become suspiciously quiet on the long-term construction site on the coffee field.

    The hotel will 100 percent come at some point.

    High time again at Investor Ulrich Franzky, who bought the prime property above Mittenwald for millions in the summer of 2016 and has been working on the “Silva Mountain” project since then. “The hotel will 100 percent come at some point.” The emphasis for the Munich IT entrepreneur is on “sometime”.

    “Silva Mountain”- hotel in Mittenwald: Opening was planned for summer 2021

    It was originally planned to open the luxury resort with 80 rooms, 150 guest beds, wellness and gastro rooms and an underground car park for 75 cars in summer 2021. But when does he want to start with his noble hostel? “A good question,” Stransky replies. “I can’t say any more.” Because in these turbulent times things are different than you think anyway. At least the hotel investor expresses hope for “end of 2024” — of course without guarantee.

    Intensive preparatory work for a luxury resort: “Half the mountain is already gone”

    The doldrums at Latscheneck can’t be described as such for him anyway. “We were always making progress.” And just like that, blasting away 23,000 cubic meters of rock takes time. “All in all, we’ve removed 45,000 cubic meters. Half the mountain is already gone.”

    A turning point in the realization of the Silva Mountain hotel was the start of the Ukraine war and the associated galloping energy prices. “That can’t be dismissed out of hand,” emphasizes Franzky. He and his colleagues have used the weeks since spring to change two fundamental things. On the one hand, they parted ways with the Italian general contractor. that had guaranteed, have been put into perspective by the skyrocketing construction prices. “We had to look elsewhere.”

    Point two is the future energy supply of the wellness temple. So far, Franzky and Co. had planned with biogas and a combined heat and power plant. “Now the thoughts are going in the direction of geothermal energy.” In addition, they want to tackle the topic of solar thermal energy again. This innovation was recently met with little approval in the municipal council. “We go through everything.” Optimization is the magic word for everything.

    “Insane price increase” slows down hotel project in Mittenwald

    But also playing for time. Franzky calls this strategy “sitting out the price peak” and comes to speak of the “insane price increase” for structural steel there is slowly but surely a relaxation in the construction industry, because many are currently exercising restraint when it comes to building.

    When Franzky met with the outgoing mayor Adolf Hornsteiner in April 2020 for the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony on the coffee field wearing a construction helmet, the effects of a corona pandemic were not yet foreseeable — let alone that Kremlin despot Putin would attack the neighboring country plumb, but even then it was clear whether the rock strata were difficult at the Latscheneck that the originally planned construction costs of 15 million euros would also be an illusion.


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