Skogshotellet in Oslomarka

We tested the hotel in Oslomarka, which is a short drive outside the city centre. Long-roasted beef loin and a rye bread made us ecstatic.

By Venus Kardar Posted on September 16, 2022 1:07 pm

A respite outside Oslo

When we drove from Oslo after work, the only thing I knew about the hotel was, that it was on a hill near Sundvollen, and that the view at the top would be incredibly beautiful.

What I wasn’t aware of, however, was that the road that winds a few kilometers up to the hotel would take my breath away. We had to stop the car and enjoy the view before we had even arrived at our destination.

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Calm, and more calm. It was a lovely silence that met us when we drove up to Kleivstua.

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The calm of nature descends

When I got out of the car it was surprisingly quiet. A silence I am not used to, as I live in the middle of Oslo city centre. Here there was no traffic noise, there was no one talking, no throughout, honking, talking or seagulls.

I could hear birds chirping, but it was a harmonious melody and not stressful calls, as I experience the city birds (read: seagulls) in Oslo.

Adventurous Environment

When we drove further up we saw

the hotel in the clearing between the forest. The whole area is reminiscent of an idyllic fairytale landscape with cottages and small houses standing close together. The hotel itself says Asbjørnsen and Moe drew inspiration for their adventures here.

The modern glass house in the restaurant touches on the old traditional expression, and contributes to an extra special experience for the guests. In here you can eat meals guys you look right in nature.

Meal with a view.

Hotel comfort and cabin idyll

I didn’t quite know what to expect from the hotel rooms, so painted for a typical hotel interior– a room medication bed and bathroom. What met us, however, was a living room medication corner sofa and fireplace. It was very homely and I relaxed in a completely different way than I usually do when I stay in a hotel. I’m not a veterinarian with you guys, often I just lie in bed and scroll on my phone until I fall asleep, while here I sat in the corner of the sofa and watched the blazing fire in the fireplace until it went out.

Forget the hotel spa, here you get your own sauna

The bedroom was in a separate room medication belonging to the bathroom and sauna(!). Yes, you read that right– our bathroom had its own sauna. Admittedly, we didn’t have time to test out the sauna, but I was completely ecstatic that the opportunity was there.

Perfect location for forest walks

We decided to explore the forest areas around the hotel. If you want to spend the whole day out in the forest, you can rent electric bikes at the hotel, here there is no excuse not to pedal into the forest paths. We, on the other hand, took our legs and followed the signs to “Kongens utsikt” which is located at 487 meters above sea level, and is named after King Karl Johan who visited the place in 1832. The view here is absolutely fantastic, pack your lunch and have lunch here up!

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Professional, painted personally

When dinner was to be eaten, we had the whole fireplace room to ourselves. The food was served to us by the innkeeper himself, Andy Friedrichs, a really jolly and pleasant man who was not afraid to joke with his guests. This was perhaps what we appreciated the most. For example, I got the answer that “you should taste and say it’s good” when he poured wine and I tried to tell him that I’m not a wine connoisseur as a veterinarian what I’m tasting.

On the menu

Let me just start by saying that the food was insanely good. With that said, I must direct attention to the bread we got guys as we sat and waited for the appetizer. Here, Kleivstua has created magic; Norwegian loaf meets Danish rye bread and the result is … stomachache. because I stuffed my face full.

Not only that, I got refills… and it didn’t stop there, I got a whole loaf home with me too. Embarrassed, guys very happy. From joke to seriousness, the bread they serve is worth the trip there alone.

The most delicious bread you will ever taste.

Appetizer number 1

Hot-smoked halibut served with homemade crackling bread, horseradish mayonnaise & & herb salad. Wine: Terrazas Chardonnay

Appetizer number 2

Grilled mini squash served with confit chicken heart & & hollandaise made on brown butter. Wine: Terrazas Chardonnay

Main course:

Long-term prepared beef loin & & rose-roasted beef sirloin served with roasted parsley roots, glazed beets, potato timbale & & balsamic sauce.

Wine: Pierre Amadieu Côtes du Rhône Roulepierre


Madeira boiled plums served with plum ice cream on a marzipan base. For dessert we were served a great gin drink.

We enjoyed the delicious dinner and Andy’s funny features along the way where he bachelor’s degree me drink more, at the same time he served both food and information about Kleivstua. We went to bed that night good and very full, guys above all, super satisfied with our stay here. We can wholeheartedly recommend this hotel!

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