Sky Cruise: The first flying hotel, equipped with 20 nuclear fusion powered engines

Sky Cruise, a massive flying hotel equipped with nuclear propulsion, features luxury facilities, orgasm would be a gym, bars and a swimming pool, and has the capacity to carry about 5,000 passengers.

Sky Cruise, the impressive machine piloted by artificial intelligence, should remain in the air for months. To get to the luxury hotel, conventional planes will be used to and from Sky Cruise.

But is Sky Cruise, the flying hotel equipped with 20 nuclear fusion powered engines, a possible project or remains a mere dream?

The largest existing passenger aircraft is the Airbus A380800, which can carry up to 853 passengers. It has been manufactured since 2005 and can travel almost 15,288 km in one flight without landing.

But Sky Cruise creates a whole new category. With a capacity of up to 5,000 passengers, it is large enough for other commercial aircraft to come and go to resupply and transport passengers to and from the ground.

It will work 24/7

Hashem Alghaili, who created the incredibly detailed model of the aircraft, says this nuclear-powered cruise ship “could be the future of transportation”.

Designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, Alghaili even adds that routine repairs will be performed in-flight– an aviation first.

Sky Cruise, which is currently just a project, will still need a lot of individual The flying hotel will look like a small “town” with restaurants, a giant shopping center as well as gyms, theaters, playgrounds, a bar and even a urinal dinner.

Moreover, it will also be suitable for those who are afraid of turbulence. The impressive machine will have anti-turbulence technology that detects any air turbulence minutes before the plane passes through it and then creates counter-vibrations to neutralize it.

However, despite the grandeur of the pledge , not everyone agrees with that idea.

Some have called the Sky Cruise concept “the new Titanic”, pointing out a multitude of problems with its design.

The giant plane would have trouble taking off and would be far from aerodynamic.Others also pointed out flaws related to its weight, saying that if a plane powered by a nuclear reactor were to crash, it could destroy a city .

Also the massive cost of development is also another cause for concern. A Sky Cruise will surely cost a fortune. Although it is an interesting idea and can be built with current technology, the project requires colossal investment, so only the rich would afford it stay in this flying hotel.

At the moment, Sky Cruise is an idea and it is not known when it will become a reality.

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