Sky Cruise: the “heavenly” hotel, which can stay in the air for years

Maybe very soon people will be able to live in the sky and the products will be delivered to them by airplanes from different parts of the world ?
This is not the plot of a science fiction movie, this is the concept of an engineer who developed a project for life among the clouds. The development belongs to a designer named Hashem Al-Ghaili from Yemen. He recently posted a promotional video about Sky Cruise and it instantly went viral. You can watch this video HERE

Everything is so realistic that you really start to believe in this huge plane that is soaring in the sky and might not come down to earth for years.
Of course, this is just an idea, but its implementation is not as far as it might seem at first glance. It is very possible that this indefinite cruise will become a reality nowadays.

The idea is that this huge aircraft can be continuously in the air due to the use of nuclear fuel fusion. By the way, the nuclear engines that will power the aircraft are not far away: it is assumed that the first ships running on nuclear engines will appear in just choose rectums, by 2030 Well– some changes and improvements, so that the fuel is synthesized directly on board, and the set does not have to go down to the ground for refueling.

So what exactly is Sky Cruise? It will be something in common between an airplane and a cruise ship, but which will not float on water, but in the clouds. Undoubtedly, it will have gigantic dimensions, because it will even consist of landing places for personal planes: this is how the guests of the air cruise ship will get there, according to Al-Ghaili. In addition, small commercial aircraft will be able to deliver the necessary goods and food on board and will be able to do so from any airport on the planet.

As for the interior, everything here should be saturated with luxury. A magnificent hotel, its own theater, swimming pools and gyms, restaurants and even a medical facility. Of course, there are many viewing platforms where you can watch the clouds and more: Sky Cruise will be able to take its guests directly to the Northern Lights. And yes, such an orgasm was planned, the “heavenly hotel” will be able to accommodate approximately five thousand people.

However, the most essential thing that Sky Cruise will offer is the luxury of flying, which many have now lost. Al-Ghaili says that flights are already outdated and too mundane, and we are on the threshold of something new and different, and this can be nothing but a real journey through the clouds.


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