Sleeping on holiday – a growing trend

Sleep well on holiday? Many are looking for peace after the pandemic and just want to be able to sleep in a comfortable bed, where sleep tourism is now increasing.

Are you one of those who just want to take it easy on holiday and are happy to pay extra for a big, comfortable bed in a relaxed hotel room? You’re not alone. After the pandemic– when many suffered from too little sleep– the trend of sleep tourism is on the rise, reports CNN.

Attract guests medication different sleeping arrangements

Many hotels worldwide are now trying to attract guests medication different sleeping arrangements and suites that focus on increasing the number of hours of sleep. One such is the Swedish company Hästens– which last year opened the Hästens Sleep Spa hotel in Coimbra, Portugal, and another example is Zedwell in London, a hotel where the rooms are equipped with soundproofing so that the guests can be truly rested.

It’s not really that strange that hotels are now investing in sleep, says sleep researcher Rebecca Robbins

” First and foremost, travelers book hotel for a place to sleep,” she says.

Up until now, many have participated in activities and meals at the expense of sleep– though that is now changing.

” There has been increased attention to sleep during covid-19, likely because so many people have struggled with sleep.”

Sleep- – important for mental well-being

Since sleep is related to how we feel, many people now realize that getting enough rest is important for our mental well-being. The sleep trend that follows the wellness trend and which the hotels do not want to miss seems to be here to stay. Now the question is how travel companies and hotels will take the trend to the next level.

“There are countless avenues that have yet to be fully explored when it comes to travel and the science of sleep,” says Rebecca Robbins and adds:

” Traveling actually rejuvenates you and allows you to return home rested and restored is a really exciting proposition.”

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