So sad, the perverted couple of grandparents are caught in a raid at the Tulungagung Hotel


13 Couples were caught in a raid by the joint Satpol PP team, police, TNI and Subdenpom Tulungagung in two hotels. One of them is an elderly couple.

Head of Regional Regulation Enforcement and Perbup Satpol PP Tulungagung, Artista Nindya Putra, said the raid which was held Saturday around 22.00 WIB targeted two hotels on Jalan MH Thamrin and Jalan Teuku Umar, Tulungagung.

“In last night’s raid we secured 13 couples or 26 people who were not husband and wife. We conducted the raid to minimize misuse of accommodation from its proper function,” said Artista Nindya Putra when confirmed, Sunday (12/2/2023).

According to him, the 13 couples who were caught in the raid were immediately transported to the Tulungagung Satpol PP office by truck, to carry out the coaching process.

Artista explained that from the results of the data collection, his party ensured that all couples were of an adult age. Some are even elderly, namely S (70) and his partner S (67).

“This elderly couple ngamar with other elderly people, the men are in their 70s and the women are in their 60s,” he explained.

Not only that, his party has also netted teenage couples suspected of having open BO. The couple got acquainted through social media.

“From his confession, they have transacted with the same partner twice. The rate is IDR 400 thousand for one date,” he added.

Regarding the number of couples who were caught in the raid, his party immediately conducted coaching and collected identity data. Satpol PP asked each pair not to repeat their actions.

“If later they are caught in another raid, then we will call their parents for those who are not married, while those who are married we will call their partners, ” he added.

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