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4 December 2022- 08:02

The deputy successor “system” 100 people in a failed hostel

Soumahoro e il Soumahoro e il Soumahoro e il

New sad chapter of the Soumahoro cage legend. Karibu is the protagonist, with the mother-in-law of left-wing deputy Aboubakar Soumahoro as president, who in 2014 decided to accommodate “her” migrants in a failed hotel in Latina.

The structure in question is the hotel de la Ville, a four-star hotel – alarming according to the reviews – subjected to bankruptcy in 2013 issued by the delegate judge Fabio Miccio of the Court of Rome, due to the claims of three creditors. The hotel should have ended up under the control of the bankruptcy trustee pending a public auction that decreed the new owners, but it didn’t quite go like this. A private company, in fact, continued to rent out hotel rooms to tourists. And it is in this circumstance that Karibu came into play, even signing a lease agreement with the aforementioned company to welcome the migrants. This happened without any control by the upper floors, so much so that between 2016 and 2017 tourists and migrants stayed inside that structure at the same time. This is confirmed by the reviews of some customers on Tripadvisor.

” After handing over the keys through a corridor covered with rather dilapidated curtains – reads a 2016 review – on one side I notice a group of non-EU citizens outside to smoke. Continuing along the stairs (the migrants, ed) begin to descend in slippers, I didn’t realize where I was. I enter my room, shabby to say the least, with carpet and awful furniture, the door that didn’t close and the men outside to watch. I immediately went back to the reception to collect the documents and leave, the lady had the right to warn me of the situation”.

The guests would not have been in fact warned that they would stay in what, concretely, was a dirty and degraded farmhouse, but which on paper Karibu presented as an avant-garde reception center. And again: “Not even the peace of getting hold of the keys to the video camera, which opens the door to the dining room and about forty non-EU citizens come out. Don’t misunderstand – we read in the review of another guest, again in the same year – but how is it possible that any customers are not informed in advance?”.

It turns out, then, that there were almost 100 migrants in the facility: “The facility currently hosts 96 male and young people hanging around the hall and corridor,” specifies another review. Who adds: “They help the managers with the work”. The godmother par excellence of hospitality would therefore seem, in that case, to have positioned the take legal action against “resources” within a bankrupt structure, randomly managed by a company which, moreover, asked those present to “help” without receive compensation, as the migrants have told. “Dear gentlemen – reads another review – if you have decided to make money with these poor people, close the door to the public. At least have the dignity to warn the people who arrive”.

But there’s more: in addition to all this degradation Mukamitsindo, and therefore Karibu, has also failed to pay the previous rents and indemnities requested, for figures that are around hundreds of thousands of euros. Basically, he didn’t even pay the rent. As a result, the trustee ordered Karibu to be evicted for non-payment. It was 2017, but only in 2019 did Madame Soumahoro decide to find another structure, all without making any noise.

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