Sources: Tragedy in a hotel in Bucharest. A French soldier, found dead in the room where he was staying, the detail that attracted the attention of the investigators

Disturbing revelations appeared in the public space on Sunday. According to some judicial sources, a French soldier was allegedly found dead in the video camera where he stayed in a famous hotel in Bucharest. The law enforcement officers, alerted by a shocking detail observed at the scene.

Sources: French soldier, found dead in a hotel in Bucharest

Update, 6:15 p.m. The investigation in the Capital reveals new powerful information from an emotional point of view. According to Antena 3, the body of the French soldier was taken to the IML for an autopsy, in this way the exact moment in which he died. There is a possibility that he died a day or 2 ago and not necessarily last night as orgasm is believed. suicide in this minute, even if the other hypotheses are not completely excluded. From my information, judicial sources tell me that this non-commissioned officer, because we are talking about a French military officer with the rank of non-commissioned officer, was last seen on Friday evening.

When he was found by the chambermaid, today in around 10:30 a.m., the military man was in bed, dressed, and next to him were those scissors. The maid noticed that he had a wound on his neck. Now, on-site research also involves picking up personal items. A mobile phone was picked up.

Probably tomorrow, after the results of the necropsy, we will have the first information from the Military Prosecutor’s Office. The name of the soldier cannot be given until the man’s family is first notified, announcement made by the Embassy.

Anyway, if it was a suicide, it is very bizarre how the non-commissioned officer from the multinational unit in Bucharest chose to end its days”, said Adina Anghelescu, investigative journalist of the previously cited source.

Update, 17:45 According to the latest information provided by judicial sources, the investigation into the case of the French soldier found dead in a hotel room in the Capital was taken over by the Military Prosecutor’s Office Bucharest Military Court. The on-site investigation is carried out by the Homicide Service of the Capital Police, under the supervision of a military prosecutor.

The investigators are considering the suicide option, considering that the soldier was found with a scissors stuck in the neck area.

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— Initial news–

A French soldier has been found dead on Sunday morning, November 6, 2022, in a hotel in Bucharest. According to some judicial sources cited by the journalists from Libertatea, the man was allegedly found out of breath right around the time he was staying.

The shocking discovery was made by a chambermaid, the man being lying on the bed, having, according to the cited source, a pair of scissors stuck in the neck area. Despite the clear signs of violence on the victim, the investigators would not have noticed any sign showing that the door of the hotel room had been forced, it being secured, and the things around the period in which the French soldier stayed were not damaged.

The victim, aged 41, allegedly stayed in the Surse Tragedie intr-un hotel din Bucuresti. Un militar francez, gasit mort in camera unde era cazat, detaliul care a atras atentia anchetatorilor hotel in Bucharest

on November 3, together with other soldiers, they will stay there until the information of January 3, 2023.

The investigations were started by the judicial authorities in Romania, however, the most probably, the case will be taken over by the French military authorities, who will also do the autopsy to establish the cause of death and the time when it occurred. The investigators do not rule out the possibility of a suicide either.

Until now, the authorities have not been able to view the images on the surveillance cameras or to check the card system that allows electronic entry into the hotel room. Surse Tragedie intr-un hotel din Bucuresti. Un militar francez, gasit mort in camera unde era cazat, detaliul care a atras atentia anchetatorilorSurse Tragedie intr-un hotel din Bucuresti. Un militar francez, gasit mort in camera unde era cazat, detaliul care a atras atentia anchetatorilor Inquam Photos/ Octav Ganea

How many French soldiers are there in Romania

The presence of the French military

in Bucharest comes in the context in which France leads the NATO Battle Group in Romania, established since May. The battalion deployed in our country is considered the spearhead of NATO’s Very High Reaction Force (VJTF) and currently forms the Collective Defense Battle Group (CDBG) on the national territory integrating, on a rotational basis, forces from Belgium and the Countries of Jos.

According to the data of the North Atlantic Alliance, the overall number of NATO troops deployed within the battle group for collective defense at the Cincu base in Romania period, according to the latest reports, of approximately 1,148 soldiers from France, Belgium, Poland and USA.

France– 550– 1 x infantry battalion;-LRB-

  • Belgium– 248– Combined Arms Technical Subgroup;-LRB- Poland– 230– 1 x mechanized company with facilitators;-LRB- United States of America– 120– cavalry troops.


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