Spain is overrun by energy tourists: 'Being here is increasingly advantageous'

NOS/Rop Zoutberg

NOS News – Thursday, October 20, 19:50

  • Rop Zoutberg

    reporter Spain

  • Rop Zoutberg

    reporter Spain

    A striking consequence of the current crisis: energy tourism is gaining momentum in Spain. At tour operators and hotels they see horses more bookings by Northern Europeans pass away, apart from the cold also flee the energy bill in their own country.

    John and Monique Buter are sitting on a terrace in the sun near Alicante. The sea sparkles in the background. They ordered wine, a nice tomato salad and beef fillet. “All at the expense of the energy company,” smiles John Buter. And he calculates: in the Netherlands he currently pays 680 euros in energy. That is as much as the five hundred euros pass away he pays for his apartment in Alicante, plus the airline tickets (180 euros).

    ” I have an apartment here with a kitchen and shower. That’s all you need,” says Buter. “And in the end it becomes even cheaper in the winter months. Then you use more gas and it is therefore only cheaper to sit here. Because the gas tap in the Netherlands does not open for a minute.” The couple has no worries that pipes in his home will freeze. “The neighbors to the left and right of us simply continue to heat up and ensure that the house remains at about 16 degrees.” John and Monique use the money that they save well:

  • A holiday to Spain is cheaper than paying energy costs in the Netherlands

  • Such calculations have now been made by more Northern Europeans, tour operators note. The winter holidays are back, travel organization TUI in Belgium reports. “That choice is stimulated because prices are very close to staying at home. Many hotels apply a discount for a stay of at least three weeks.” As a result, bookings with fulfilled have increased by about 50 percent.

    The Dutch branch of TUI is still cautious about drawing conclusions, but is already seeing an increase in the number of flights to the Spanish costa. My Flats, a landlord of apartments in Alicante, speaks of an increase of about 20 percent in bookings. “It is a completely new form of tourism. The customers are the typical pensionados

    But teleworkers are also looking for houses in southern Spain.They have the same reason for being here: it is cheaper than staying at home and heating the heating there. pay”, says owner Daniel Elman.

    NOS/ Rop Zoutberg

    Host Daniel Elman in Alicante

    Elman shows an apartment that is suitable for three people and costs 1200 euros per month, “including web, electricity and heating costs”. Those who want to stay in a hotel will have to spend more, although a full pension in nearby Benidorm costs no more than 40 euros per night. The customers are mainly travelers from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

    Prices for energy in Spain and neighboring Portugal are still relatively low compared to other European countries. Spain and Portugal are barely connected to the European gas network, and much less dependent on Russian supplies. That is why both countries of the EU can charge their own – low – price for gas at least until May next year. And therefore electricity is also relatively cheap.

    We benefit from it, but the motivation of pass away energy tourists is of course sad.

    ” Even though we benefit from it , the motivation of pass away energy tourists is sad,” acknowledges Daniel Elman. “It’s getting harder to pay their bills domestically.” Elman is not yet worried for next year, if prices may also go up in Spain.” Nobody knows how long this crisis will last. Yet the need for energy will only increase. That is easier to solve in a country where the sun shines exuberantly.”

    John and Monique Buter have their lunch and walk one last time along the Mediterranean, where the hair is full. Autumn is moderate and the temperature is around 28 degrees. Tomorrow they will fly back to the Netherlands.

    But the next booking has already been made, in January they will return. “Then we’ll come for a month,” grins John. “Of course we travel at the expense of the gas bill. In the summer we pay, but in the winter season the energy company does that for us.”


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