SPANISH POLICE LOOKING FOR A SERBIAN: A gang stole a Chinese man, then tried to kill him

SPANISH police arrested four members of the gang, while the search for a Serbian citizen is still ongoing, on suspicion that last year they stole 25,000 euros from a Chinese businessman whom they previously lured to a hotel in Madrid, where they scheduled a meeting about cryptocurrencies.

ШПАНСКА ПОЛИЦИЈА ТРАГА ЗА СРБИНОМ: Банда покрала Кинеза, па покушали да га убију

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According to the Spanish portal Elmundo, the thieves stole 25,000 euros after stabbing the victim in the neck in a hotel room in July 2021 -LRB- – The National Police have now arrested four members of a criminal group, who last July attacked a businessman of Chinese origin in a room at the “NH Neptuno” hotel in Madrid, after stabbed in the face and neck. The thieves arranged a meeting with the businessman to allegedly teach him a new method of investing in cryptocurrencies and took 25,000 euros from him – reports a Spanish website. -LRB- Four members of the criminal organization were questioned, while He is still looking for the Serb. -LRB- – The gang members are accused of having committed the crime of attempted murder, wounding, robbery with violence and belonging to a criminal group consisting of three Spaniards, escaped Serb and another young man from an Eastern European country – said the local police, adding that three arrests were made in Torrent in Valencia, while the fourth was in Getafe in Madrid. -LRB- According to the Spanish media, last year the victim received a call from an acquaintance who explained to him that he wanted to introduce him to his client who worked with cryptocurrencies and to explain to him a new investment method. ) -LRB-

-LRB- Photo by Shutterstock -LRB- -LRB- – The meeting was arranged a day later at the Madrid hotel “NH Neptuno”. After getting to know each other, the mediator left, while the three men went to the hotel to hold the aforementioned meeting – the Elmundo website reports and adds that the victim’s acquaintance, who arranged the meeting, was later arrested for the crime of robbery with violence.

-LRB- – The victims and the alleged perpetrator went to the room the latter had reserved a few minutes earlier, and when they all entered, the two men pounced on the businessman and his companion. One of the victims knew defense techniques and tried to run away from the attacker – the media reports and add: -LRB- -One of the attackers took out a knife and stabbed the businessman in the neck and cut him. on the face. The injured victims managed to escape and seek help, and the perpetrators took that opportunity and took a bag containing 25,000 euros. -LRB- Their fourth associate was waiting for the organized group outside the hotel. who occasionally performed surveillance, while the fifth member of the gang was in a car that was parked in front of the hotel and ready to go. -LRB- – The thieves left several clues that led to his rooms. In addition, the agents examined the security cameras and finally located the suspects – the media write and add that the group fell after they repeated the criminal acts in October in Madrid and Valencia. -LRB- (Courier )

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