Spend a Night at the Isle Tide Hotel, an Interactive FMV Mystery on PC, Consoles and Mobile

Wales Interactive and Interflix Media announce The Isle Tide hotel, an interactive mystery coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, iOS and Android in the second quarter of 2023.

A missing father must rescue his teenage daughter from an eclectic cult before their last night at the Isle Tide hotel. Players investigate the strange events that unfold to save Eleanor Malone in this live-action interactive mystery game, where every decision affects the story.

    Open every three years for three nights, a strange mixture of colorful characters hiding personal traumas come together to discover the only common thread that binds them. Their search for the meaning of life. But tonight, this mysterious organization must decide whether to break its own rules and deliver a teenage girl to the elusive kid founder, Dr. Aniston, who promises child sacrifice will conclude their goal. infiltrate the hotel? Will you work your way into the cult? Will you uncover the hidden story, side quests and their dedicated endings or fail one of the ruthless story puzzles? Navigate a branching narrative with many ways to help save the girl you never met.

    Key Features

    • A live game that reacts to your choices.
    • 7 main endings available with 14 different outcomes
    • Side quests with specific endings

    • Real-time tracking of personality and cult associations
  • In-game chapter skip menu– but you have to earn it first.
  • Features stories

    • A special cult with its own history and rules.
    • Paths blocked behind info
    • Cryptic notes to hidden ends
    • A hidden story and “Easter eggs” to discover.
    • Extended chat alternatives that make you see the same character in a different light.

    Titiks Assumed 30-something player and confirmed 2AM Father, fan of anything that can tell him a good story, touches inveterate and dedicated to the console universe since the MegaDrive of his youth, you will see me much more often connected at nightfall. Find me on Twitch @un_daron_dans_le_game and on Twitter

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