Squatters occupy the building of a Russian oligarch in Amsterdam. Judgment: They can stay in it

2023-05-2008: 00 publication 2023-05-2008: 00 Squatters occupying a building belonging to the Russian oligarch Arkady Volozha in Amsterdam may stay there, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal has decided. The court rejected the appeal of the Volozha family, who demanded the return of the property. photo: Alexei Nikolsky/Kremlin Pool// ZUMA Press The owner of the tenement house at Vossiusstraat 16, one of the most expensive streets in the capital of the Netherlands, is Arkady Volozh, co-founder of the Yandex search engine, the Russian equivalent of Google. In November last year, the court decided that squatters who had illegally moved into a building belonging to it would be allowed to stay there. Illegal tenants argued that the building was empty and that the owner was planning to rent or sell it, which would be in violation of the sanctions. They added that the house was also seized “in support of Ukrainian and Russian anarchists fighting their state.” Russian Yandex Corporation creator Arkady Volozh is attempting to get his home back in Amsterdam The squatters who took the five-storey structure in Amsterdam of the creator of Yandex Arkady Volozh dealt with a fight with the owner. According to them, Volozh might have paid off or … pic.twitter.com/HbjUseBpL1– NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 9, 2023 They appealed to the court again. As reported in April this year by the daily De Telegraaf, they also provided materials – photos, cloudy and screenshots of chat conversations, which according to the newspaper show that the occupants of the property were spied on by a man for a month, who claimed to be a refugee from Ukraine. “The occupation of the Volozho family’s apartment is illegal and constitutes a gross violation of the property and personal rights of the family,” argued the family’s lawyer at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. The judge did not share this opinion and upheld the November verdict of the lower court, which allows squatters to occupy the building. Andrzej Pawluszek Open an mBiznes Standard corporate account at mBank with a company card, e.g. Mastercard and get a PLN 350 bonus Related: This is what people are talking about Great Britain Immigrant women buy fake fathers for their children to obtain the right to stay in the country In social networks, the practice of matching those in Immigrant women are pregnant with British men who will admit paternity for about £10,000, which gives women the right to stay in the UK and children citizenship, the BBC revealed. How much is a year of unjust detention worth? The Court of Appeal in Białystok ended the appeal process from the application for compensation and redress for unjustified detention and detention of a man who spent almost a year in connection with charges, among others drug smuggling. 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