Sri Mulyani Denies the Rp.460 Trillion Poverty Budget Has Been Expended for Meetings at Hotels

JAKARTA – Minister of Finance ( Minister of Finance), Sri Mulyani Indrawati firmly denied that the poverty alleviation budget reached nearly IDR 500 only for meetings at hotels and business trips.

Previously the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB) Azwar Anas had expressed his frustration because the poverty alleviation budget reached nearly IDR 500 trillion but did not significantly reduce the number of poor people in Indonesia .

“Yes, if the budget for social assistance, programs to support poverty reduction last year amounted to IDR 460 trillion, most of them were programs that directly received the poor,” said Sri in Jakarta , Wednesday (1/2/2023).

He gave an example that the budget is channeled into social assistance programs such as the Family Hope Program (PKH), which has clear objectives and recipients.

“In PKH there are no seminars, people already have by name, by address, by account number, and also by the number of recipients of the basic necessities. Also what was done by the Minister of Social Affairs Risma made the archipelago an economic hero, giving food, also support for the elderly who can’t afford it all immediately,” he emphasized.

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