Streutiņš was effective in the team's failure

Artūrs Strautiņš

Artūrs Strautiņš|Photo: FIBA ​​


Latvian basketball player

Artūrs Strautiņš

scored 16 points in the match of the Italian Serie A on Sunday, but this did not save his team, Reggio Emilia’s UnaHotels, from losing, while in another game Andrejs Gražulis contributed to the success of Trento “Dolomiti Energia” with 13 points. The visiting team of Reggio Emilia lost to Sassari “Banco di Sardegna” with the result 77: 89 (19: 23, 16: 25, 28: 22, 14: 19).

There was a stream on the field 24 minutes, during which he made four of six two-point shots, one of five long-range shots and five free throws. He also had three rebounds, two steals, two assists, three sacks, five forced penalties, and accumulated a /- of -4 and an efficiency rating of 19.

The Latvian basketball player was the second highest scorer among the hosts, while Osvalds Olisevičs scored 17 points. In the Sasari team, Chris Dove stood out with 28 points, five assists and nine provoked penalties.

In another match, Gražulis and “Dolomiti Energia” at home with the result 86: 84 (12: 22, 29: 18, 20: 22, 25: 22) beat Venezia “Umana Reyer”. Gražulis played 27 minutes and made two of four two-point shots and three of four long-range shots for 13 points. He was also noted in the statistics with three turnovers, one error, four notes, one provoked penalty, he had a /- indicator of -4 and an efficiency ratio of nine.

More “Trieste” represented by Roberta Stumbra

won at home with the score 85: 77 (24: 12, 17: 12, 16: 31, 28: 22) “Tezenis” of Verona. The Latvian was on the field for five minutes as part of the winning team, during which he made one two-point shot and ended the game with a /- indicator of -2 and an efficiency ratio of two.

Trento “Dolomiti Energia” unit with With 15 wins in 29 games, it occupies sixth place in the tournament table, Trieste with 11 wins is in 12th place, wager Reggio Emilia’s “UnaHotels” with a balance of 10-19 ranks 15th in the competition of 16 teams.

Last season for “AX Emporio Armani Olimpia” from Milan became the champions of Italy.


Dairis Bertāns


Andrzej Pasečniks

on Sunday together with Sevilla’s ” Real Betis” suffered a failure in the Spanish top league (ACB), while Vitoria “Baskonia” represented by

Artur Kuruc

achieved success. “Real Betis” lost to “Barcelona” at home with the score 77: 85 (10: 28, 18: 19, 27: 18, 22: 20).

Bertans played 20 minutes and seven seconds in which he made two of three two-pointers for four points, one rebound, one foul, a queens foul and finishes with a -13 /- and a -2 ERA.

Pasečnik, spending ten minutes and 45 seconds on the field, made one of three shots worth two points. He also noted in the statistics with one assist, one error, one note, ending the match with a /- indicator of -2 and an efficiency coefficient of zero.

“Baskonia” at home with a result of 97 : 76 (22: 18, 23: 19, 22: 13, 30: 26) beat Lugo “Rio Breogan”. Kurucs was on the field for less than 13 minutes, during which he made three inaccurate long shots, made one effective pass, earned queens points, provoked two opponents’ penalties, accumulated a 13 /- indicator and a -1 efficiency coefficient.

“Baskonia” with 25 wins in 30 matches takes the second place in the tournament table, Manreza “Baxi” represented by March Steinberg is in 15th place with nine wins in 30 matches, “Real Betis” is 16th with a record of 8-22, wager “Fuenlabrada” , which Rody Macoha will no longer be able to help this season due to an injury, with four wins in 30 games is in the last position in the competition of 18 teams. 3-1 defeated “Barcelona”.

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