Tanja Makarić was mistaken for a homeless person in the hotel!

Tanja Makarić(25) would have been kicked out of the hotel! The influencer is living an absolute luxury life with her partner Julian Classen(29). The couple is not only enjoying their time in the YouTuber’s luxurious holiday home in Spain. Currently, the two even turtle through Canada. However, there was an unpleasant incident for the beauty: Because she was mistaken for a homeless person, Tanja quickly kicked out of the hotel!

In her Instagram-Story told the 25-year-old the story that had happened in her Canadian hotel. “The receptionist somehow took me for a homeless person”, Tanja was astonished herself. Actually, she only wanted to get two bottles of water — but instead the employee wanted to chase them away. “Then he says, ‘You don’t live here, please leave the hotel!'” the brunette recalled of the scene. Even after she gave him her room number, the receptionist wouldn’t know. “Get back down the street where you belong!” he yelled.

Tanja hardly knew how to deal with this situation. “Somehow you can’t say anything either, because you always have to come back here,” she explained and finally complained: ” I was so shocked. […] That was really rude . Right, really rude.”

Julian Claßen und Tanja Makarić im August 2022

Instagram/ tanjamakaric _

Tanja Makarić, girlfriend of Julian Claßen

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That doesn’t work, poor people!


Somehow a bit funny …

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