Tear drama in the hotel: Djamila confronts girlfriend Yvonne about the jungle camp affair

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    While Djamila Rowe conquered the crown in the jungle camp, Iris Klein’s cheating allegations against husband Peter in the hotel Versace caused displeasure. What really happened between the 63-year-old and Yvonne Woelke was also of great interest to the jungle queen after her victory.

    Gold Coast- – With an iron will and her calm, authentic nature, Djamila Rowe (55) held out in the jungle camp to the last and finally got hold of the pass away Krone– not knowing that her travel companion Yvonne Woelke (41) was involved in a marriage drama in the hotel Versace, almost 60 kilometers away. Of course, the newly crowned jungle queen got wind of the cheating allegations after her victory by Iris Klein (55) and first listened to her friend.

    Shock for Djamila– after the jungle camp victory, she found out about the marriage drama about Iris and Peter Klein

    Iris Klein is sure: Her husband Peter (63) is said to have cheated on her with Djamila’s jungle camp companion Yvonne in Australia, according to her account of the events. However, the two accused deny this. But

    Iris Klein has already packed her bags and on Wednesday afternoon (February 1st) announced through Instagram that she was getting divorced to want. The reason for the decision were apparently also photos that show Peter and Yvonne familiarly on their arrival at Frankfurt Airport.

    Dschungelcamp: Siegerin Djamila Rowe, daneben ihre Freundin Yvonne Woelke mit Peter Klein (Fotomontage)

    What was really going on between Yvonne Woelke and Peter Klein at the hotel Versace? After her victory, jungle queen Djamila Rowe (l.) confronted her friend and travel companion (photomontage) © Star-Media/Imago

    Jungle Queen Djamila also had to resign after more than two weeks in deal with the “small war” in the Australian bush. How bild.de

    reported, the make-up artist at the hotel Versace is said to have taken care of her friend immediately after her victorious exit from the jungle — and was initially shocked: “First I had to take a deep breath. My Yvonne is cheating? That can be not true. She got a good education from the Queen. But I knew: no matter what, I always stand behind her. I owe her a lot,” said the 55-year-old.

    The placements of the jungle camp-K candidates 2023:

    1.Damila Rowe (55)

    2. Gigi Birofio (23)

    3. Lucas Cordalis (55)

    4.Jolina Mennen (30)

    5.Cosimo Citiolo (41)

    6. Daddy’s Loveday (46)

    7. Claudia Effenberg (57)

    8. Cecilia Asoro (26)

    9. Jana URKRAFT Pallaske (43)

    10 Tessa Bergmeier (33)

    11 Markus Moerl (63)

    12 Verena Kerth (41)

    Jungle camp winner Djamila speaks plain text with Yvonne — and strengthen her back

    “Decently” she asked Yvonne to come to her room for a “one-on-one talk”, Djamila Rowe continued. The difficult situation caused frustration for her friend: “She cried because she was afraid that our friendship would break up.” But the 55-year-old is adamant about her jungle camp companion: “Even if Yvonne had said, you, I’ve become weak, I would have said: It wouldn’t be my type.” , but it has nothing to do with our friendship.”

    Djamila sharply criticized dealing with Yvonne: “What annoys me , is that women are usually to blame for a story like this, that can’t be, it usually takes two.” She also addressed Peter Klein on the matter, but he “didn’t even talk about it anymore” want. The marital drama was even discussed on the RTL show itself. After the grand finale
    , jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen (39 ) then used for the Iris-Klein-Gate

    . Sources: bild.de, rtl.de


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