Telethon 2022: A swimming marathon in the pools of the Molitor hotel

EDIT: The two friends completed their aquatic marathon on Saturday morning around 11:50 a.m. Despite some complicated digestive passages, they raised their XXL bet. The solidarity raffle for the earnings of the Téléthon is open repetition for a few days.

42195 kilometers swimming in the pools of the Molitor hotel in Paris. One aquatic marathon each The challenge is capitalized put Quentin Merat, 29 years old and Ghislain Vachette, 30 years old. “We are here to have fun, slide in the water and highlight the Telethon ”, lists the latter . The two friends take advantage of the large setting of this emblematic Parisian organization and were able to start at 8 p.m. this Friday in about 16 hours of swimming at the earnings of research and were able to finance treatments against neuromuscular diseases

20 Minutes met them two hours before the launch of this session evening which should end tomorrow morning, “maybe around 10:30 a.m., we planned big by saying 11:00 a.m. to noon”, specifies the duo. Friends since high school, Quentin and Ghislain are not on their first slightly crazy adventure, but this aquatic marathon is an unpublished put them. “The project was born in Ghislain’s head, smiles Quentin, fabric engineer at Decathlon in Haute-Savoie This summer, we were doing the Mont-Blanc trip by bike and he ended up sharing my idea boy. “At their side, they embarked Mathilde, logistics and interaction manager, and Antoine, the lifeguard. “He has absolutely no right to close his eyes”, hammer the two swimmers, hilarious.

A beautiful project in a beautiful place

A marathon in the water, why not, but it takes some more to these two (very) experienced swimmers. After a challenge of 30 km in the swimming pool in March in Dijon, at the earnings of the association Blades of Joy, an association that lends children amputees carbon blades – a very expensive piece of equipment, which allows them to play sports like the others -, the ambition rises: “The Téléthon was approaching, so the idea of ​​​​the sporting challenge associated with a good cause thrilled us, explains Quentin. And Ghislain knew the basins from the Hôtel Molitor through the movie The Odyssey of Pi. ” The Marathon de Pi was born in barely three months.

The interior pool of the Molitor hotel. – Laure Gamaury put 20 Minutes
Le bassin extérieur de l'hôtel Molitor.

Entirely from Telethon earnings, it allows donors who connect to the page dedicated to this challenge to participate in a solidarity raffle: “With our two partners, the Molitor hotel and Nabaiji, we collected prizes, which will allow us to reward those who give. It’s like calling 3637 but there, you have a chance to win two tickets to swim in this magical place, or a breakfast at the Molitor hotel”, explains Ghislain.

“I must have spent more time obtaining the authorizations than training, jokes Ghislain, PE teacher. Which could be a problem. But we never shot in circles in such a beautiful jar, it’s an exceptional setting”. Can they really benefit from it? For Quentin, who planned to swim about half backstroke, yes. Put Ghislain, in 100% crawl, it will be during the stops briefly. Vehicle the two friends have strictly prepared the program: four boulders, interspersed with 30-minute mini-breaks where they will have to dry off, eat solids and take a micro-nap, put reach 42.195 kilometers. “In a pool of 33 meters, that’s 1,279 lengths”, calculates Quentin. “And even 1,280, adds Ghislain. “It’s more of a hike than a race”

For the conditions, the inner basin of the Molitor hotel, where they will carry out the bulk of their challenge, is heated to 28 degrees: “We will do the first block of 15 km there, the second of 12 and part of the third block of 9, explains Quentin. D ‘according to our calculations, the 3rd time out will be around 8 a.m., but we have planned to switch to the outdoor pool at 7 a.m., which is heated to 27 degrees “. Their only objective: to complete this aquatic marathon in less than 16 hours. “We mainly prepared our bodies to spend time in the water, we are not in the intensity. It’s more of a hike than a race. “

Le bassin extérieur de l'hôtel Molitor. The outdoor pool at the Hôtel Molitor. – Laure Gamaury put 20 Minutes
Le bassin extérieur de l'hôtel Molitor.

And did the two friends consider any failure? “We start with an average of 1’40 -1’45 per 100 meters”, a cruising speed put these two accomplished athletes, who began their challenges together during confinement: “We did a triathlon in an apartment during twelve o’clock,” they recall. Various experiments followed, including the crossing of Lake Annecy, which they did twice, was able to overcome the current and manage the temperature. “It’s the only little hiccup, yes. We hadn’t anticipated all the parameters enough. “

For the two friends from Auxerre, this aquatic marathon should not be the last shared challenge. “We have things in mind for sure, but already there, 16 hours of swimming ahead of us, it’s not bad. We will then decide”, slips Ghislain. We curled the ”
we take the matches one after the other

“so dear to footballers! “And then, we’re not going to lie, two or three days ago, one of us was not sure to start again,” he adds, enigmatic. “We’re going to make sure it ends together,” Quentin smiles at his trip. But we will not know which shot the other in the waters of the Molitor.


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