Terrorism? Valverde and Prado ratify that the Government of Bolivia brought Rózsa

This issue comes to light after leaking the report of the Fund of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), on the death of three alleged terrorists and the arrest of two, who were subjected to torture at the hands of police officers from the Tactical Unit for Crisis Resolution (Utarc).

The document affirms that, in the operation of April 16, 2009, extrajudicial executions, torture, among others, were committed, which represent the violation of human rights: ranging from the right to life to the dignity and defense that personalities have, all established in the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights, a document to which Bolivia is a signatory.

” I have no doubt that the government brought Eduardo Rózsa. We have even shown the tickets paid for by a Venezuelan, an official in the government of Hugo Chávez Frías. I never got it out of my head that the government of Evo Morales was the one who brought it,” Valverde assured in contact with Los Tiempos.

hotel Las Américas and kills him after other personalities attack Cardinal Terrazas,” he told this medium.

Morales, for his part, replied that they want to redirect the case against him. “Operators of the black strategy, seeing that the investigation and accusation failed with falsified letters to proscribe the MAS-IPSP and its national leadership, are now trying to direct the case of separatist terrorism against us,” he wrote in a tweet last Monday.

hotel Las Américas|duty

Friend of the power

One of the arguments used by the Government to follow the Rózsa group and the operation in Las Américas was that it was an attack on the residence of Cardinal Terrazas.

“(The attack) was carried out in a vehicle that belonged to Labor Quintana, who is the father of Juan Ramón Quintana. So it is very rare. Listen to me : the vehicle is picked up by

Diprove, the famous El Viejo picks it up, Ignacio Villa Vargas, the vehicle picks it up, which is the one he drives and the two policemen who accompany him ju With Clavijo according to El Viejo’s statements,” Valverde indicates.

Meanwhile, Prado Arauz describes this event as “a false flag attack.” “That is, attributing to the enemy an attempt by the Cardinal to justify the political persecution through justice that took place for 14 years,” he said.

Valverde recalled the interview with Mario Tadic, one of the survivors, two weeks after the event. “We have a letter written in our own handwriting in which it says that Eduardo Rózsa and Raúl García Linera were friends.”

Morales knew everything

According to Valverde, Morales knew all the movements around the so-called Terrorism case, an aspect that became known when at a press conference in Cumaná, Venezuela, where the ALBA Summit was taking place, he spoke about this operation.

” They inform me that this morning there has been a shooting where three foreigners and two detainees have fallen (…). They put a bomb and bullet. They resisted (…). Before travel, I gave the order”, said Morales in a conference in which he shared with the late Chávez and Raúl Castro.

” Evo Morales who has a very long tongue and very short concepts, paraphrasing Joaquín Sabina , commits an infidence of a fact that still, theoretically, was not known. When he says they wanted to go kill me at Lake Titicaca, that news is 14 days after the fact, of the assault on the Las Américas hotel, that news is published by the Government 14 days later,” he said.

Utarc drills

To prepare the operation, the Utarc elite group carried out a drill to make it successful. “It was even made with wooden huts like the fourth floor where they were so that they can enter as if they were in the hotel being commanded by Captain Walter Andrade”, Valverde refers.

Even the journalist indicates that Luis Norberto Clavijo was housed on the same floor as Rózsa, and that he was the one who gave them the location of each of them. “There is a conversation between Raúl García Linera and Clavijo via chat giving locations” and through an unanswered call he made to Rózsa, he identified his location to notify which room he was in.

Why did they want him dead?

Valverde assures that one of the reasons for eliminating Rózsa is that “he was thinking of leaving Santa Cruz”, but “he could tell a story that does not suit the political power of Evo Morales”. “For me, that is the reason why they kill him, they kill him because he chose to leave and from what I could tell, their attempt had also failed

Raúl García Linera, Álvaro García Linera , Evo Morales,” he indicated.

Along with Rózsa, a Hungarian-Bolivian, Árpád Magyarosi, a Hungarian-Romanian, and Michael Marte Dwyer, an Irishman, also died.

Mario Tadic, a Bolivian-Croat, and Elod Tóásó, a Hungarian, were arrested.

Conveniently, to support its theory, the Government made weapons appear in the hotel, in addition to a toolbox of rifles and explosives in a stand of the Santa Cruz Telephone Cooperative (Cotas).


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