The beginning of the Venna Melinda-Husband dispute at the Paris Hotman Version Hotel


Ferry Irawan was reported to the East Java Regional Police for alleged cases of domestic violence against his wife Venna Melinda Venna’s attorney, Hotman Paris, revealed the origins of the domestic violence case.

Hotman revealed that the dispute between Venna and Ferry began when Ferry asked to have sex. However, he said, at that time Venna was physically tired.

“So their dispute started because Venna was tired and it’s normal for a husband to ask for sex, it turns out,” Hotman told reporters Wednesday (11/1/2023).

Hotman said, recently, his client was in an unhappy and depressed condition. He said, Venna admitted that she would sue for divorce from Ferry Irawan.

“The point is that for the last few months she has been very unhappy and depressed. And it is true that in the near future she will file for divorce,” he said .

Hotman further stated that Venna felt traumatized after experiencing violence by her husband. He also mentioned that his client had received an examination by a psychiatrist today.

” Hari Venna was examined by a psychiatrist,” he said

” He was injured, so the police added to the article to become article 45, namely violence that causes psychological (disturbed),” he added.

Hotman said he would accompany Venna to conduct additional BAPs at the East Java Regional Police. It is known that the alleged case of domestic violence occurred in a hotel in Kediri, East Java.


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