The Best Online Travel Application, Can Book Cheap Hotels

Online travel applications provide many conveniences for those of you who like to travel. Starting from ordering airplane tickets, train tickets, to accommodation has become much easier. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of attractive promos from these travel services.

Some of the advantages of online travel applications are booking hotel rooms well in advance before the departure date. If you choose a hotel that is close to a tourist destination, then this method can anticipate a full hotel.

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In addition, many tourists order two-way travel tickets (round trip) for get a lower price. In fact, there are more and more online travel applications that provide a pay later on feature, so that tourists can pay later.

Check out the recommendations for travel services that help you plan your vacation.

Best Online Travel Application Recommendations

Online Travel Agent (OTA) is a third-party travel service that facilitates tourists. With this service, tourists can book airplane tickets, train tickets, and even concert tickets!


An online travel application that is popular among tourists is Traveloka. This service makes it easier for tourists to book airplane tickets by supporting around 100,000 domestic and international flight routes.

Apart from planes and trains, Traveloka also works with 100 bus POs. Starting from Pahala Kencana, Lorena, DAMRI, Primajasa, and many more. Traveloka will also provide suggestions for the best tourist spots at your destination.

The advantage of Traveloka is that you don’t need to print e-tickets. It is enough to show proof of an order on your cellphone, then it can be processed immediately. However, hotel prices on Traveloka are still more expensive than other online travel applications.

This service is the largest OTA in Indonesia that serves ordering and purchasing tickets from mobile phones. This application has a Smart Roundtrip feature that makes it easier for tourists to choose departure and return schedules on one screen.

Then, you don’t have to worry about funds. If after booking something goes wrong, tourists can get money back with the Smart Refund feature.

This online travel application also collaborates with BCA bank via the BCA Mastercard credit card. Credit card holders can collect points through market transactions. Later the accumulated points can provide discounted discounts during the holidays.

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However, some people still find the shortcomings of the application difficult. Especially when buying tickets, there are many forms and you can’t pay via Indomaret.


Booking a hotel just got easier thanks to Agoda. If you want to go on vacation or on a business trip, then this one online travel application can help adjust your budget.

Agoda provides the cheapest hotel prices compared to its competitors, the process is easy and fast. You can also use Paypal, credit card, and Atome Pay Later payment methods.

However, there are still drawbacks that become cons in the Agoda application. Sometimes a hotel reservation that you make does not immediately receive confirmation from the Agoda system. Given the very low price, offers are often non-refundable or there is no money back guarantee.

The next online travel application is, a service for hotel or property reservation from cell phone. This service has a better filter system and more information than other applications.

For example, when you book a hotel room, this application will display all the facilities in full. The search results will sort the hotel list according to the map, you can choose an area per tour, and recommendations for similar accommodations. is suitable for housewives or occasion organizers who are strategic planners before the holidays because it’s very informative. You can also pay for the order when you arrive at the hotel, but the application will ask for a debit card / credit card number as collateral.

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The online travel application Pegipegi offers hotel and rental property prices with many payments, from credit cards to bank transfers. If tourists expect a memorable vacation, Pegipegi offers thematic travel packages, such as honeymoon, sports and many more.

Even though hotel prices are somewhat cheaper than other OTAs, Pegipegi still has drawbacks. There are no adequate scoring or review features yet. In addition, there is no royalty program that is attractive to tourists.

Nevertheless, Pegipegi still has many active users to this day. The reason is because this service has representative offices in big cities and a 24-hour call center. This makes it easier for tourists to solve problems that occur during the holidays. ( R7/HR-Online/Editor-Ndu)


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