The body oil with which Ana Milán fights jet lag and four others that will save your dry skin

Ana Milán
  • Beauty Ana Milán has revealed to us the tempting oil that she cannot stop using on her travels and we bring you another four with which to combat the dry skin in winter. A good body oil is an excellent travel companion. If you are one of those who cannot sleep a wink during the first night in a hotel, we bring you a little trick to fall asleep that, on top of that, will save your skin from dryness and give it an incredible appearance. Ana Milan from time to time recommends products from beauty that make your life easier and that you enjoy as a little girl. On this occasion, the comedian has revealed her body oil
  • favorite for healthy, nourished and younger looking skin. In addition, we have made a selection of four other body oils that will drive you crazy. Extreme cold is the skin’s worst enemy, especially for those with dermatitis, atopic skin, psoriasis and other skin conditions. For this reason, it must always be kept hydrated and child moisturizers are sometimes insufficient to cover the needs of the skin. What is the alternative? The body oil. The actress has assured us that she uses the to Huile Anti-Eau de Clarins Body Oil, a product with 100% natural ingredients, many essential oils from plants such as ginesta, geranium and marjoram that have a great detox effect In addition, the use of this oil accompanied by a body massage prevents the formation of cellulite, firms the skin and smoothes the skin. It has a price of 24.95 euros.


    Ana Milán

    Ana Milán’s body oil prevents dryness and firms the skin

    In case of may you have the oily skin, you can also use these types of body oils, but try to reduce the frequency of application. A typical skin may be allowed to use it two to three times a week, but skin prone to producing large amounts of sebum should preferably use oils once a week. If you don’t like your skin to be too greasy, but you do

      enjoy the fragrances and of the sensation of hydration of these products, we bring you a trick. Use the oil just before getting out of the shower, spread the oil on your body and wet your body with a stream of water; then pat your body dry with a towel. The finish will be much more comforting. Do not miss our selection in the gallery.

    Ana Milán Ana Milán Ana Milán
    Ana Milán 4 out of 5 Queen of Egypt Alchemy oil 49.60 euros

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